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  1. sstone9663

    Clutch issues

    I've got an 84 xr500r, but i figure all clutches around that year are about the same. I had to remove the clutch to install the new timing chain. Everything went back together well and the bike runs great, but the clutch wont engage at all, no matter the tension setting. is there something i missed or might have done wrong? TIA for any advise
  2. when we go to colorado (8500ft where we ride) my friend usually just goes down to a 160-162 main jet and that works fine. so i would suggest trying a 158-160 main and go from there. i'm not sure what the humidity and temp differences are though, so im not sure if this would work for you. we are usually at about 1500 here at home, so we don't do a lot of permanent mods when we rode trip. i believe stock on his was a 175, but im not sure.
  3. could you imagine a 150lb 5'7" scawny guy on that thing!!!! It would be priceless to see!
  4. sstone9663

    Anyone interested in buying a 98 yz400?

    that's true, but i really don't have the patience for all that would entail! dismatling, listing, shipping, dealing with nonpayers! so im hoping to sell it in one piece! thanks for the advise
  5. I bought a new truck last night, so it is time to give this beast a new home! I can email pics and some more info to anyone interested. I would like to give someone who know what this bike is about first dibs on it. If interested, send me an email or pm. Thanks Shane
  6. sstone9663

    Dual sport issues

    Does anyone know if they make a dual sport kit that uses a rechargeable batterypack, or if you can get a battery and just use a regulator/rectifier to keep it going. I know very little on this subject! TIA, Shane
  7. sstone9663

    YZ 400 Stator question

    I've got a question about a stator from the 99 yz400 model stator. I recently purchased a 98 400 and absolutly love it! The problem is I no longer have anywhere to ride often and would like to guy a conversion kit so I could also ride it on the road. I have acess to a 99 stator but am not sure how to go about putting it on my 98. Is this even possible? Would i be able to use the stator cover from the 99 model, or is this just an impossible task? Thanks for any advise!