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  1. SD rider

    tightening spokes

    Yeah i need a spoke too, iv'e been riding w/o one for so long now.
  2. SD rider

    bmx pegs!!

    I got the pegs from my haro bike. I never used them on the actual bicycle so I thought i'd put them to good use. (especially after watching some videos on youtube) I believe a set of them is more like $25 for bike pegs. Plus they were relatively easy to put on. This is one of the most fundamental changes i've done to my crf 50. (Oh yeah, pegs are worth it if you like to stunt.)
  3. SD rider

    bmx pegs!!

    I just grinded down the pegs, the bolts, and the chain tensioners. Every milimeter helped.
  4. SD rider

    bmx pegs!!

    Put some pegs on my fifty and the wheelies............. are fun! Anyone else on here that can relate? ps- all i need now are street tires and a disc brake for the front.
  5. SD rider

    Need some help-- forks

    yeah they came with the plus 2's.
  6. OK, so my forks have been slightly loose, meaning i can wobble them around a little. It's not the steering bolt, even though thats loose too. I took apart my fifty's forks (they are +2's) and everything looks fine except that the spring can come off at one end. Here are some pics so it'll be easier to visualize. [Never posted pics before and they aren't working.. so i'm trying to figure out how] Is that normal? Because when i got them the springs had both of those end cap things securely on the spring. That's what i'm guessing is causing the forks to be slightly loose in the fork tubes. Any suggestions?
  7. SD rider

    Loose fork legs

    Got any lithium grease in those suckers?
  8. SD rider

    Loose fork legs

    Sweet i got the same problem, i think. Steering bolt might be loose. Mine is loose and the whole steering is really wobbly. Sorry thats' about the closest i could explain it and I don't know about the forks though. Mine are just slightly loose and you can definately feel it when you grab the front wheel and shake it for example. I haven't taken apart the forks yet but thats easy. I put plus two's on a couple months ago because i bent the ones i had originally. So now i have to tighten the steering bolt and see whats wrong w/ the forks!@#$%^$. (i don't think it's the steering bolt, you clearly said there was a problem with the forks.. my bad. )
  9. SD rider

    carb problem again

    Yeah &%$#@!?!! I just thought this would be a good thread to talk about adjusting the carb instead of starting a new one. My bad.
  10. SD rider

    carb problem again

    Hey guys, when you adjust the carb do you have to check the spark plug to see what color it is? What i am trying to say is, can i only adjust those two valves?
  11. SD rider

    UNI Foam filter

    On the same topic, how long do you have to lube/clean your filter? i know many people say to clean it like every month or two, but what if you don't ride that much? So my question is about how many outings on the bike or how many hours will it take for it to be necessary to clean the air filter? And what are the consequences also. Anyone here get dirt in their carb or anything?
  12. SD rider

    loudest crf50 pipe

    You forgot to mention that you have to turn on the bike!!!
  13. SD rider

    police and fifties

    x2468.. yes that incident was right on my driveway. I can't believe that cop was so ignorant tho. I was basically on my dirt bike, helmet on, and he questions me stupidly. Like i'm not just about ready to ride?!!! Jesus! Couldn't he just say: i know you are going to ride that, and the consequences could be noise complaints, a citation for... etc. That would be the most effective way to teach me a lesson not to ride on the street. Sorry if this doesn't have to do with dirt biking, but I thought it would be proper for the topic. Going to the beach today, my friend was talking about how his party got rolled really recently. There were four cop cars outside his house and this one cop came to his door, just pounding the shizz out of it, until my friend gets to the door. The cop was pissed off and wanted to talk to some guy that was on the balcony or something in the front yard. My friend asks him what he looked like or what clothes he was wearing so he then could find this friend. I forgot exactly what the cop said, but my friend said he was pms'ing and yelled at him. Apparently he got warned for (the party) being too loud and public pissing. lol. But the sad part is that he heard the three other cops telling this other cop guy to chill off and how they thought the house wasn't too noisy at all. .......Food for thought.
  14. SD rider

    police and fifties

    True that. This country has many ridiculous rules, too many rules, not enough rules, and so on IMO. All these laws and rules are good, because i do understand the concern for saftey and such. But riding a small dirtbike is at first unlawful, and what you are saying it ruins the image of the sport? I wish there would be more logic in the world to make the "image" of dirtbiking better. For example, can't neighbors deal with the problem of noisy kids on crf 50's by creating a solution to benefit both sides? Once again, its all my opinion.
  15. SD rider

    police and fifties

    So do mexican's who mow lawns in the morning, the trash guy, the guy next door who drives a saleen mustang, and the guy who rides a chopper to work. A very very nice chopper on top of that.