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    Stripped Set Screw on Decompression Plug

    Thanks for all the info. I got a Heli-coil and installed the plug/retainer screw today. Used a rag in the decompression hole as well as grease on both the drill and tap. Followed up with a shop vac. Seemed to catch all the metal shavings. Worked like a champ and took only 20 minutes start to finish. Thanks again for the information. I just recently joined this website and it has been nothing but a reliable source of information, help, and advice. Thanks all. Mike
  2. yz450MIKE

    Stripped Set Screw on Decompression Plug

    One more question. Do you think its okay to leave the engine sealed up and just use a shop vac to suck out any metal shavings, or is it necessary to open up the top to ensure no metal gets inside the engine.
  3. yz450MIKE

    Stripped Set Screw on Decompression Plug

    Thanks for the quick replies. I completely forgot about heli coils. I'll be the guy at the auto parts store tomorrow getting the heli coil. Amen to the torque wrench. I'm always amazed by guys torquing the hell out of bolts into aluminum.
  4. I removed my stock decompression plug to install one of the TT replacements on my 2003 yz450f. When I removed the set screw, the threads came with it. I think somebody probably used red lock tite to install it. What would be the best way to fix it? Can I just drill and tap it to the next larger size bolt, or should I just jb weld the damn thing back in there and call it good? Thanks for any ideas. Mike