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  1. Rick Pentecost

    ttr 125 idleing problem

    Ok thanks. I am buying a jet kit and will do that also to see if it works. Thanks much for the help and for responding. Thanks again. Rick.
  2. Rick Pentecost

    ttr 125 idleing problem

    Ok, Thanks. Would a larger (next size up) main jet help it run better? Thanks again.
  3. Rick Pentecost

    ttr 125 idleing problem

    Hello, Do you know the next size up from stock on the pilot jet? I did try going to 3 turns on the air screw, it didnt seem to help. I appreciate your help. Thanks. Rick.
  4. undefined I have a 2005 ttr 125 that i am having idleing problems with. The dealer states it is probably junk in the carb. but i turned it over and pulled the bowl off and cleaned the idle jet and other parts and it still won't idle. Any suggestions? Has any body else had problems with the ttr 125? It sure is cold natured also. Thanks. Rick.