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  1. So I picked up 10 gallons of Renegade Pro 100+ and went to get Bell Ray HR1 but they were out of it. Owner of the shop (husky shop) gave me a bottle of Amsoil Saber and told me to mix at 60:1 and it should be fine. Got home and looked it up and it seems like this is Amsoil version made for lawn equipment....
  2. Just wondering what premix everyone is running in their TC250. I am just getting back into the 2-stroke game and need to pick up more gas and premix. I have a 2018 TC250 and the previous owner used VP VPR mixes with Bellray HR1 60:1. He gave me a 5 gallon jug and it seemed to run great. So what is everyone else running? Is Bellray a solid premix?
  3. Anyone switch from a 450 to a 2017 or newer TC250 or 250SX? I have a 08 CRF450 I like a lot but since the new Husky/KTM redesign in 2017 I have been thinking of making the switch back to 2 strokes. I am 37 with 2 kids and mainly ride at practice tracks and maybe one race a I dont ride competitive but love ripping on tracks. So I was looking for some feedback/input from anyone who rode a new Husky/KTM.
  4. Let me start off saying I LOVE my 08 CRF450. It performs close to in like new complaints. So no real reason to replace it. With all the updates to the new Husky TC250 and KTM 250SX I am considering making the switch back to 2strokes. Just trying to gauge if I am just hyping myself up a bit over the new 2strokes or if it is worth considerong selling the 450 and picking up a new TC250. I mainly just ride on practice tracks for fun. I dont race serious and may run 1-2 per year. Just want to get some thoughts or if anyone already switched to a new 2stroke. I know it's a bit easy to hype yourself up when you want something.
  5. I just bought and put together a Haul Master (Harbor Freight) 4x8 folding trailer. Right now it only has a plywood deck on it. I want to build wall/sides for it and wanted to see what everyones setup looks like for ideas. I am going to be hauling two bikes with it so I want to mount some eye bolts on the outside of the trailer so I have a better angle for tie downs. So my walls will have to have a space between the wall boards for the tie downs to feed through. So if you have a utility trailer please post up your setup ideas will be appreciated. This is what it looks like all folded up
  6. Pics of my 04...Sad to say it is FOR SALE
  7. I just picked up a 08 CRF450 that is basically bone stock. I wanted to get a nice graphics kit for it and I like the new Troy Lee Lucas kit a lot…mainly because it has blue and looks a little retro. I found a good deal on ebay but it notes “Pictures are for reference only”. The bike pictured is the new style so I wanted to see a pic of the actual kit on a 05-08. So if anyone can post up a pic I would appreciate it, I searched the internet and couldn’t actually find the 2011 Lucas kit on a 05-08. The pic below is the kit I am looking at but on a 2011. Also if anyone has any other kits that look good feel free to post them up too.
  8. Is this just a Suzuki thing? I run the same oil he did in my CRF450 and have had zero problems?
  9. Looks awesome...I think i might pop some wheelies with it after work 2day...popping wheelies is rad
  10. It seems like a $200 sticker kit...RMZ's come stock with Excels but not gold. I prob would pay for it.
  11. My CRF is just fine:thumbsup:
  12. Does the 07 oil pump bolt up to the 06 motor? Aslo do you think the automatic cam chain tensioner in 07 is part of the fix? I hear on the 05 and 06 you have to keep an eye on the cam chain.
  13. 01 for 1800 is a good deal.
  14. I had a 93 Yam RT100...dominate was the drag race king against my friend's XR100
  15. I guess when we are up your camp in the huge field we will see.