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  1. cbesing

    HELP...Burning Lots of Oil YZ450

    BTW, its a 07 YZ450F
  2. Here is the History.. -New piston/rings 40 hours ago..Checked valves and they were in spec. -Last trip burned 600CC of oil in one 45 min ride -Checked valves...very loose both exhaust and intake -Oil black/metallic after oil change and a warm-up on the stand Also, I seem to go trough timing chains every 50 hrs or so...I know its time to change because the cam jumps teeth and it wont start. Any Ideas... Thanks Chris
  3. cbesing

    Oil Ring Order

    Here is the thread that caused the confusion. Thanks for your help! http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=852380&highlight=oil+rings
  4. cbesing

    Oil Ring Order

    I want to make sure that the order of the rings is that the corrugated ring is between the two scrubber rings. i saw one post from the moderator that said the both scrubber rings go above the corrugated ring. Thanks
  5. cbesing

    Help---Dropped Circlip in crank case

    Thanks for all the advise...the worst part is that I am not sure it dropped in but I cant find it!
  6. Some how the circlip got past the rag...any ideas on how to fish it out? Do I have to split the case?
  7. cbesing

    Help - Oil Problem

    BTW, just read some previous posts on the same issue. I drained the oil per the prodedure listed here. I did three successive oil changes...same problem...dark metallic look....low viscosity. poured oil into glass jar and let settle...still looks like it has very fine metallic particles
  8. cbesing

    Help - Oil Problem

    Last ride noticed oil very dirty after one ride. Almost a silver/metallic look Came home changed oil and started and did 4 heat cycles...no clutch Oil very dark and either bubbles od metallic look. let sit and just turned dark. Drained oil again, refilled and aran one heat cycle. again dark but not as dark..same metallic look at first then just kind of dark green. Very worried!!!
  9. Need to replace chain. Rockymountain has one by Pro-x I want OEM but Bikebandit says they will ship in 3 - 5 days....not good enough, i need to fix this weekend Any suggestions
  10. It appears that my exhaust jumped one tooth. I have read many posts but Here is what I noticed: The cam chain loosens and tightens as i advance with the kick starter. When its loose, I can lift the chain off the gear slightly. When its tight, I cant lift the chain at all from the gear. Should i replace the tensioner and/or the chain? Bike has 120 hours. Does anyone have detailed instructions on replacing the chain? Thanks Chris
  11. cbesing

    YZ 450 F Timing Chain Spec

    Thanks for all the feedback....I have about 120 hrs on the bike
  12. Is there a way to tell if the chin is in spec. How much deflection of chain when pushing/pulling between cams? Is it more likely that a the chain tensioner is bad than the chain stretched? THanks in advance!
  13. cbesing

    Cam Timing Help Please

    Do I do steps 1-3 with the the the chain loose and then add tension for step 4? Thank you for your help!
  14. At TDC the ex mark was one tooth counter clockwise when the In mark was at 9. I released the chain tension and rotated the ex cam one tooth and now they align at 3 and 9 but when i add tension the TDC alignmark on the flywheel is a few degrees forward of the mark on the case. Is this a problem? next question, this is the first time with the valve cover off, how can the ex cam be one tooth off? Can they jump?
  15. Hi...new to valve adjustments, read many helpful posts but still have a few questions. 1. It seems that the specs in the manual have a fairly wide range, ex. intake .010-.015. I measured .017. Exhaust .020 - .025, i measured .027. I expected the exhaust and intake to be off in different directions not the same. What do these measurement say to you. How much will this affect the bike. Very hard to cold start and hard to kick.... 2. When adjusting, is it better to be at the low middle or high end of range? Thanks in advance Chris