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  1. buffalocrank

    cylinder broken

    Found head locally thanks for all the help
  2. buffalocrank

    cylinder broken

    My bad I misspoke there the head is broken. Was joking about the BB because why not go big.... lol got flamed for that one. The edges of the flange that is broken off is jagged so dont think it is suppose to be that way. I try to get pics up this afternoon after work
  3. buffalocrank

    cylinder broken

    Found exhaust leak at exhaust flange looked harder and found bottom portion of exhaust flange is broken off of cylinder head <---- fixed after flame doh:foul: I didnt over torque flange bolts not sure why it broke. Oh well poop happens I guess. Should I even attempt a repair or Big bore time? 3x3 FCR MX MRD/SSW JD jets
  4. buffalocrank

    tranny jerking

    Happens only in first thru third. I ride like a bat outta hell mostly (maybe thats where the wear if any is coming from lol) so I don't think I'm lugging it. I could be all fooked up tho. Have not got a chance to check spocket wear and readjust chain.
  5. buffalocrank

    tranny jerking

    05 SM 3x3mod, Fcr 39mm, JD jets and MRD/SSW. <---the cats meow. Im getting severe jerking on low gears so much so it almost bucked me foward off the bike Could this be a chain issue (chain slack seems ok 2 fingers) or tranny issue? Only 1500 miles on bike. P.S. Still want more power not scared enough whats next BB kit?
  6. buffalocrank

    Uber SM

    Just got a $6000 end of contract bonus. I want to get every bit of power and performance outta my 400SM. I need suggestions on what you guys think would make it scream. Thanks
  7. buffalocrank

    drz400sm slipper clutch

    Need a slipper clutch for 05 SM anybody have any ideas?
  8. buffalocrank

    Newbie ? for Jetting a 2006 DRZ400SM

    Sweet, thanks for the info.
  9. buffalocrank

    Newbie ? for Jetting a 2006 DRZ400SM

    who sells the SM kit and how do I get rid of the stinking cannister?