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  1. bikeman62

    2008 450 xc problem

    Just purchased a 2008 450 XC 2 days ago. Pulled the oil drain plug after 30 min. of riding and found a small hex head bolt attached to the magnetic drain plug. Has anyone else experienced similar problem? What will KTM do about fixing the problem. Replace engine? Replace entire motorcycle? Split the cases on a brand new engine? This should be interesting.....
  2. bikeman62

    Fork offset confusion

    A little more information - the punch mark is toward the rear which indicates 20mm offset. Should it be forward or rearward?
  3. I own a 2005 525sx and am looking for the best setup for cornering. The manual says that 20mm offsaet is best for better handeling in corners and that 18mm delivers more directional stability. This seems reverse to everything I have heard. The manual says the the bike was delivered with 20mm offset which seems strange for a MX bike. Can anyone confirm the best setting for MX & SX.