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  1. BIGMARK55

    Bikes vs Quads (Why the hard feelings?)

    Wow, what an interesting thread. I'm sure there are reasonable, responsible quad riders out there.... but the problem is that I only remember noticing the jerks. It does seem true that more quads spend their time in the parking lot doing donuts and kicking up dust, but if I think about it, there are jerk bikers doing that too. I have talked to the rangers at various parks and they do say that there have more "encounters" over violations of park rules by atv riders. It is also my observation that the most medivacs of injured riders on busy weekends seem to be injured atv riders. I also have seen many atvs riding off the marked trails, tearing up the hillsides.I personally have encountered 2 circumstances where atvs had run off a trail. One over a cliff (serious injury and totaled the quad) and the other down a steep hill into a tree. (rider got lucky) In both circumstances the operator was inexperienced and trying to keep up with his buddies. It seems to me that there is a trend here.
  2. Hiya Too many stupid rules here in California. My wr426 is a green sticker bike, which means I can ride it year-round with no restrictions. Besides, it goes faster than I can ride it. And I like it. PS: I still have my 69 Matador too!
  3. BIGMARK55

    need info about Yamaha WR 426 4 stroke

    Hiya This is not a bike for a newbie or your girlfriend unless she is an experienced dirt rider. This bike is powerful and fast, I know, I have one. It is a great woods bike but it will keep up with my son on the motocross track if I have the huevos to push it. Starting is easy once you get the drill... Nothing broken on the bike yet (that is nothing that I wasn't responsible for breaking). Mine is re-jetted and has a fmf Q pipe. Goes fast and still passes the sound test at the races. Big mark
  4. BIGMARK55

    Installing a magura hydraulic clutch

    hey everyone i m installing a magura hydraulic clutch and i ran into a problem it doesnt have a place to plug in some wires that register when the clutch is pulled in or not has anyone ever run into that and does anyone have a solution
  5. BIGMARK55

    Crf250R Gas Tank On Crf250x ????

    My son wants to put a CRF250R tank on his '06 CRF250X and he wants to know if it fits without any modifications. Does any body have an answer? Thanks
  6. BIGMARK55

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    You youngsters...... My first real motorcycle was a 1963 yamaha 80. I still have my 1969 Bultaco matador Mk3. Now I abuse my body with an '02 WR426 and I struggle to keep up with my sons. I won't quit until I have to : )
  7. BIGMARK55

    Smog Pump Removal - Need to??

    where did u guys get the smog removers i can t find them anywhere
  8. BIGMARK55

    Fast Idle on my Wr 426 2002

    Thanks for the ideas I'll let you know if I can cure this with the pilot screw adjustment
  9. BIGMARK55

    Fast Idle on my Wr 426 2002

    Help I have an 02 wr426. It revs like crazy after I close the throttle before dropping back to idle. This is a real nuisance going downhill I've been playing with my pilot screw and needle settings and the bike pulls just fine. Just this annoying (dangerous) throttle lag. Will the gray wire mod cure this? What will happen if I disconnect the tps? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks From an old Bultaco rider recently converted. (I really like this WR)