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  1. Don't use grease and have never had a problem with just using a good filter oil.
  2. I have a 2014 500EXC that just started having a problem shifting into 3rd gear after a long ride. All the gears seem harder to up shift than normal. It will shift to 3rd but takes 2 or 3 time to shift it. The shifter feels like it is stuck, i first thought there was a rock or something stuck between the shifter and the case. There does seem to be some clutch drag but it has always had that issue. The bike only has 68 hours. If i find a problem i will let you guys know.
  3. RichardY

    2013 300xcw--- Premium Gas

    That gas station is in Sunol CA. It's great I think they carry other race fuels in 55 gallon barrels. I always get what's at the pump.
  4. RichardY

    2013 300xcw--- Premium Gas

    I have been getting 100 octane at the pump. My bike was pinging. It runs good on 100. i think the manual calls for 96'
  5. I have a 2012 300xc and my bike came with Vforce 3 reeds and a friend got his 2012 300xc 2 weeks later with Vforce 4. So i changed the reeds to the vforce 4. The reeds look the same but they have a 5mm spacer built in so if you change your reeds you will need longer bolts. Other than the reeds being spaced back 5mm they look the same.
  6. RichardY

    Water Temp sensor

    I have a trail tech voyager and i'm going to install the water temp sensor in the hose. What hose works best? Am i suposed to put the sensor on the supply to the radiator or on the return line?
  7. I jet my 2012 300xc to what the manual recomends and run motul 800. It runs good with no oil driping out of the pipe.
  8. RichardY

    2012 300 XC or 300 XCW

    XC I have a 2012 300xc and love it! came off a 2007 300 xcw. Love the gear box and always feel like i am in the right gear.
  9. RichardY

    Is clear creek open?

    No it's not open yet if you park on the road you will get a ticket.
  10. RichardY

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS

    Figured it out. Are there any good places to get GPX files of california riding ares?
  11. RichardY

    California Trail Tech Voyager GPS

    I am not vary happy with the gps. I can not get it to leave tracks on the screen. Loading maps is a Joke and the chip with the Ca maps was a waste of money it does not have stonyford or hollister for example. I should have gotten a real GPS. Do any of you have any tips on getting it to leave tracks? I have tried every thing in the manual and cant figure it out. Thanks Richard
  12. RichardY

    Where is the @#$%&* swimming hole ?

    It can be a little hard to get down to the river the way i described if you have trouble riding. Its not that hard to find you can see the trail right off the fire road 9n45 where it meets with trail 31. Then just keep going down to the river. Yes we rode in and out of this spot the hard way
  13. RichardY

    Where is the @#$%&* swimming hole ?

    http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fsbdev7_018824.pdf Ride to wheretrail 31 and 9n45 cross you will see a unmarked trail that goes down. Take that for a little bit and you will see a turn to the right off that trail straight down. Don't go down unless your a good rider. Just hike down about 100 yards. I am not sure if that is the same spot but it's a cool spot and you should be able to do some swimming there. Any questions pm me. Hope this helps
  14. RichardY

    Where is the @#$%&* swimming hole ?

    I think I know where it's at but it might be a few days befor I can get to a map and describe how to get there. Sorry I can't help you out befor the week end.
  15. RichardY

    2012 starter

    I would like to get it working. But if its not going to work right i dont want to carry around dead weight.