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  1. Hopster

    KLX300R Road Kit

    Is there an off the shelf kit out there so that i can register and use the bike on the road. Ive got a 2004 KLX300R, which would be nice to be able to ride down the road legally, to get to the beach or to the bush, which is only a couple of minutes away. Loading, unloading onto a trailer is a chore, additionally riding to work would be fun (via some farmland) Im from NZ. I would imagine a speedo and indicators are required. Its already got a speedo cable for the tripmeter, will that run a proper spedometer? Its got a headlight and tail light (not sure if its got a brake light - will check when i get me ass off chair) If anyone knows the nz regulations, do you need high beam? Has anyone out there done the conversion?
  2. Hopster

    klx3oor or wr250

    KLX is a shite load cheaperand is impressive for value, its not even 2/3rd the price of a crf250x brand new and has most of the modern features, usd forks etc. Im impressed with the lightness and nimblness. Wr or CRF 250s may be a little gruntier up top, and slightly better suspension,but youll need more maintenance. Forget about the lectric start, the klx is real easy to kick over. Not like the old xr600 bruised shin days, more like the suzuki A50 days.
  3. Hopster

    Exhaust Cleaning question

    just bought a klx300r and the manual says jst to remove the spark arrestor to check its got two screws on the end but as previously said, if theres carbon build up with a four stroke, either youve got engine problems, or stop using two stroke mix!!!
  4. Hopster

    How far have you jumped?

    are we talking milimeters centimeters, inches, feet, yards or meters. because i could answer anywhere between 10 and 10000
  5. Hopster

    DRZ400 or KLX 300R...Please help!

    OK, im 5'10 and 230 lbs (a bit overweight but dont knock it OK!!) In the last month ive done two trail rides approx 220km on a CRF230R, brand new, borrowed from a mate (run it in for him) Anyways, was impressed with the lightness of it, but very disappointed by the power, but i suppose not too bad for an air cooled 230 My mate has a tweaked DRZ400, goes like the clappers, its a bit heavy tho, and harder to handle for an older office bound bloke like me, specialy on the longer rides, 2 hrs or more. So i spotted a near new KLX300R and splashed out and bought it for a grand less than new. - Picked her up today. The owner had done only approx 14 or 15 hrs on it, a whitebros mx4 exhaust and professionally installed carb jetting. Maculate cond. Rode down street, cross neighbours lawn and down railroad tracks. 1st impressions are - magnificent. Heaps lighter than DRZ, way nimbler, and i reckon, dont know but, she wouldnt be too much slower than the DRZ. So my view is - if your a newbie, or not interested in sore arms, wanna do long rides, go for the KLX. Forget about the lectric start, its out of the equation. The klx kick starts so - so - easy, kicks over like a 125 two stroke. Incidentally the brand new klx bikes are NZ$1500(US $1050) cheaper than the DRZ 400s in New Zealand