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  1. 12 is there anything wrong with having to many bikes. Honda Crf 450 witch i blew up wheeling this weekend f*#K Honda Crf 450 motard Yamaha Nitro 140 b/bore tricked scoot Yamaha bws 125 b/bore Motovert pro with 150 lifan Motovert pro with 160yx BBR Frame lifan 140 Pitster Pro with 140 b/b lifan TTR 160yx Adly Quad project with 120 lifan Adly Quad project with gpx 140 Cag 50cc pocketbike Oh and a Yamaha Superjet 700 Standup. I think i have a problem with Blinging stuff.
  2. nickdog3

    Gpx/jailing tranny in honda casings

    Can you make the stock 3 speed tranny able to use a clutch and how will it hold up to the power.
  3. nickdog3

    planetminis not working.

    Its still out this is really irritating me.
  4. Can you put a jailing/gpx tranny in a honda casing with a kitaco 124se kit in it. or do only the japanese tranny kits fit this casing/motor.
  5. nickdog3

    What The Deal With The Motovert,

    I think th MV is the best built bike to come from china.
  6. nickdog3

    tick tick in motor

    A gpx of mine makes a tick tick noise when you ride it sounds like it is coming from the head/barrel area. It only does this once it is warm. I run 20w50 amsoil synthetic so what i was thinking was that the oil gets to thin and the cam chain tensioner looses tension from not having enough oil pressure in it and the chain slaps around. If the chain tensioner works with oil (hydraulic). What do you guys think.
  7. nickdog3

    best pit bike on market

    what do you guys think
  8. nickdog3

    Aluminum Frame and Chassis

    hi im the guy that put the pics up its a cool frame nice and light but its weak .it broke on the top engine mount if i rode another lap the motor would of fallen out in the race. check www.planetminis.com and search broken frame and theres pics i got it re welded an no problem so far but i bought a perimetre frame but now im hesitant to put it in cos of the weight.
  9. nickdog3

    best pit bike on market

    HERE IS THERE WEB SITE http://www.rav-riders.com/doc/motos/
  10. nickdog3

    best pit bike on market

    WHAT ABOUT THIS BIKE LOOKS PRETTY TRICK TOO.PROBLY THE BEST IVE EVER SEEN http://www.planetminis.com/chinese-import-minis/31025-new-perimetral-pit-with-lifan-120-a.htm CHECK IT OUT
  11. nickdog3

    Inner Rotor Kit For Lifan 120

    I also just recieved one. Were do you set this thing.
  12. nickdog3

    CRF50 parts that swap over to a TTR50???

    I like the ttr50 shrouds to you think they will fit a crf50
  13. nickdog3

    Anyone run an EK chain??

    Who makes the coloured chains?
  14. nickdog3

    Big bore pipe

    I have a high comp piston and a polished head if that helps.
  15. nickdog3

    Why no Rear Shock Linkage Suspension on most pitbikes?

    I Heard there maybe something like that coming 2007.