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    Anyone have Easton EXP Bars? Trouble?

    I have these bars fitted and use Acerbis metal hand guards. You do however need to purchase Easton hand guard mount brackets tho.........approx £30 if my memory serves me right.
  2. gpember2

    Lower cylinder compression ratio

    This is my current setup todate; 1.Top of the airbox cut out (side was too when i purchased the bike but to prone to mud & water ingress in my opinoin, so i've filled the side in) 2. Twin air filter (high flow) 3. Leo Vince silencer 4. jetting; Main #162, Needle NCVU with clip 2nd ring from top, slow jet #45. starter jet #70, leak jet #70, mixture screw 3 turns out. 5. 13T front 52T rear sprox. Like I said no issues around a dry tractable MX track, power is great with no bogging or flat spots etc. My concern is only when conditions are extreme & slippy (woods & trail riding) when you want the power transition from closed to open throttle (1st 10%) to be ubber smooth......thus provide traction instead of spinning the rear tyre :-( Just for info I would describe my skill level as somewere between intermediate & expert & my have 30yrs in the game including MX, Enduro, Hare & Hounds, trail & trials riding. Just to recap, these are proposed mods; 1. jetting; needle clip #3, slow jet #48 (due to from cold takes ages before will run off choke) 2. 17oz flywheel weight 3. G2 throttle cam, will try the 200,300 & 400 cams. Many thanks for responses, much appreciated :-)
  3. gpember2

    Lower cylinder compression ratio

    Has anybody lowered the compression ratio from 12.0:1 (std 450X '06) to say 11.0:1 via either piston, cylinder base plate or extra base gasket? Reason i ask is my 06 450X feels just a bit too "Snappy" just as you open the throttle when your trying to "finness" through technical/slippy type going. It's been well documented that lower cmp ratio's provide smooth tractable power delivery during on & off throttle. I have a plan in place to mellow it out which comprises of; 1. 17oz flywheel weight. 2. richer pilot jet (std = 45 to a 48) 3. maybe larger AP "leak jet" to lean the transient fuelling effect. Any comments much appreciated :-)