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  1. sousap

    RMX450Z Picture & Video Thread

    I do have a street 900cc / 200kg Yam, but little offroad expirence... 1-2years old 2nd hand enduro are still expensive and we can't know how they were kept... I'm considering buying a new one
  2. sousap

    RMX450Z Picture & Video Thread

    do you recomend it as an entry bike? I'm about to buy a crf250x but I'm afraid I'll miss the extra-blast from the 450 ones. and there is the mileage limitation...
  3. sousap

    about to move to CRF...

    Hi all, I'm after an used enduro. Local Honda dealer have an 09 CRF450X and a 07 CRF250X. I realy don't know if the 450 is realy 09 or later 08 model, maybe you can tell me an obvious diference without take plastics appart to look for FI or carb. The 450 have procircuit full exhaust (Ti?) and the 250 have procircuit full exhaust (Ti?) as well as valves, high compression piston and other enginne mods. Both are very clean, but without any hour meter of mileadge... 250 will came with a new plastic kit as well as all original engine parts. Anyway, I drove both today. 450 is a blast, but I felt fear twisting the grip... 250 is also fast but smother. both exhaust sound are lovely. As I'm moving from a street/touring to enduro, my off-road expirience is very little and I think 250 will be ok to me. My question is about maintenace as the 250 is already engine moded...
  4. Hi guys, I'm about to swap my street bike to a '07 TE450 very clean few miles and with seller waranty. Meanwhile there is also arround a '08 CRF450X and a '08 KFX450 (enduro model) and an hard used '07 TE510 (cheaper). My question to you is what details should I look on these used enduro models to before I make my move (i'll drive test all the bikes next week) BTW I'm from Portugal, Azores islands, only drove my TDM900 and no experience with enduro or dual purpose bikes. Thanks in advance. sousap
  5. sousap

    Lil' Older Husky's Advice - ANYBODY?

    hi all I've just found a '95 TE350 for sale and I'm willing to test-drive it. My fear is if it needs any engine parts... are parts available for these >10 years old babes... What should I pay spetial attention to? Does any of you have owners and/or workshop manual? Regards Paulo