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  1. MADMAX58

    My bikes

    which one you like the most?
  2. great pics man fn love it:thumbsup:
  3. MADMAX58

    Finally got my new graphics!!! Yay!! Take a look!

    You should have got a new pipe insted of those graphics
  4. That made my day. I cant wait to get the RM out and try my first scramble.
  5. The riders that came out of his mouth just made me smile. Great vid.
  6. MADMAX58

    water in gearbox

    thats it, the water pump seals went out on her, the oil will float on top and spit out the overflow until your case is running on water. nasty problem, happened to my 87 yz 250. easy fix and not to pricey.
  7. MADMAX58


    This place is great. They have a track for every type of rider out there. Check it out.
  8. MADMAX58

    Sweet spot gone !

    This past year we all have another riding spot taken away from us. Coal Washers is the name of this great place. It is the biggest coal dump on this side of the Mississippi. I road there for the first time last year and all i have to say is , WOW! This place is massive. You get to the top of the bigest dump and all you can see is coal piles. It truly is a sight. It is located in Mcdonald PA, about 10 min. away from Roberson Town Center. A power plant is being put in and they are running anyone and everyone off. I cant explain how great this riding spot truly is. There is hill climbs, big gap jumps, and a 25 acer dry lake that is a blast to full around on. If anyone road there they would kno you can not ride alone or any place for that matter. This place is scary. There are 40 to 50 ft. drops every where. But anyone who rides coal dumps knows how dangerious they can be. This place has been around for 40 to 50 yrs. and generations have road there. Very sad to see it go and I wish it would stick around. Can anyone on TT back me up on how great this place truly is. Love to hear about your experiences at Coal Washers.
  9. MADMAX58

    First time racer

    Your gona have a spill. It is a known fact that the first time you race your gona go down. When your arms pump up you cant do the jumps you did in practice. If you try to do the jumps with your arms locked up your gona eat it. Just do what you think you can do and have a blast.
  10. MADMAX58

    Sad Story, READ!

    Well for all of those who think im sturring up s##t and are telling me to ride some where else, you dont know the whole situation that goes on in clarks. The people that put up the posted signs and gates are not the owners of clarks.This crazy guy thinks he has the right to keep the hollow locked down. Everyone that lives in this area knows who he is and what hes like. No one has any respect for this crazy drunk and everyone can remember when this drunk road, partied, and jeeped in the very same hollow that he is trying to shut down. There is so much history with this place and you people that tell me to ride some where else have no idea what i am talking about then. The people that ride this hollow religously will keep on riding here and so will I.
  11. MADMAX58

    Sad Story, READ!

    You all know this situation. There is this great riding spot. That spot has been there since the dirtbike or atv was invented. Every sunday over 100 people will come out and ride till dark. Then the people with lights will keep on riding untill they run out of gas. These are some great times riding with a bunch of people and your friends from all over. Here we go! The place gets loged, gas wells go up every where, and some one shuts the place down with there posted signs , gates, and completely blocking the trails with mounds of dirt/logs. The land is worthless being completely loged and gas wells up every where. So, why shut it down for all those people that have the time of are lives every sunday? I know the whole legal issues and if someone gets hurt the land owners can be sued. But, geting hurt comes with the tearatory and us as the riders know this and its are own falt if we get hurt, thats are choice. I am talking about Clarks Hollow. This sweet spot is located in Spring Church PA. I just dont understand how someone could take that place away from us, considering no one cared for the last 45 yrs. Is there anything we can do to stop this S**T from happening? If so, let me know. They cant catch me if they tried and I dont think anyone can so, ill still be there untill its gone.
  12. MADMAX58

    Why So Many 2-Stroke Guys Here???

    Well i cant explan why the 2 stroke guys bash the 4 stroke guys. The truth is it realy dose not matter what bike u ride. Its all about who is riding that bike. Sure there are differeces in power, handeling, and control, but its all about the riders confort on their bike of choice. If anyone follows the AMA pro class you know about Bubba completly taring it up on a 125 back in the day. It didint matter what he was on he was just more confertable on the 125 that year. I personaly race and ride a 2003 RM 250 for a number of reasions. I bought the bike in the fall of 2004 and picked it up for $2,300. I blew it up in a month. The ring snaped and tour up my cylinder. Being a 2 stroke guy i knew it would not take to much $ to fix, so I goter done over the winter and raced the 2005 and 2006 seasion. So, the price is a big factor for me being a full time collage student and that whole collage thing can be pricey. I just like the power that a 2 smoker has and I feel more confortable on it, rather than a 450. Im sure if you stuck Ricky and Bubba on a 2 smoker they would still run in front because it dosent matter.
  13. Well I just need to know if the 2003 RM 250 has a tendency for the pipe bracket on the right side to rip off all the time. I had a doma pipe on the bike originally and the pipe bracket riped got riped off. So i went and got a pro circuit and it did the same thing after 1 month. Every time, the actually bracket will rip completely off the pipe leaving me with the bracket still mounted on the frame and the welds riped right up the beads. This is the 4th time this has happened to me and this will be the fifth time I will have it welded. The mounts are completely stock and i have even cut out rubber mounts to so the pipe will have some flex. This doesn't seem to be a wrecking problem because I cant even remember the last time i laded it down on the right side. I have had it welded by 4 different certified welders so that should not be that problem either. This process is getting old quick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Here is the kicker. I can remember Bubba laying down faster lap times than anyone on the track with his little 125 back back in the day. I can also remember Ricky laying down a lap time 4 seconds faster on the rm 250 rather than his rm 450. The truth is it dose not matter what the hell your on its all up to the rider and his comfort level on his bike of choice. But i am a 2 smoke man until they stop making them and at that time i will already have the last 2 smoker until i cant buy parts for it.