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  1. I used to use stainless re usable filters on my ktm 450 after 3rd crankshaft seized I switched back to paper.If u own a KTM be careful, the brass bushing that the rod is on can seize because of lack of oil flow on startup
  2. I have 2014 Ktm 450 sxf I purchased new, at 50 hours the crankshaft bushing failed. I replaced top and bottom end bearings and all, oem parts not cheap. Now the bike has 63 hours and crank failed again! I'm guessing that the oil pump or nozzles are malfunctioning but the piston and valve train look. Fine. I'm frustrated spending time and money on this, I guess I will ride my sons crf bummer for him!
  3. denriz

    is the hinson stuff worth it?

    as far as basket goes, I have used hinson and they groove just as fast as oem. also on 05 crf 450 the kickstart gear was no longer tight after 40-50 hours, I called hinson and they said that it is common normal wear on this part of basket. Im putting a barnett in my 09 now!!
  4. denriz

    CRF450R 06 with to much compression

    also I would check the exhaust valve shims, if it is to loose the decompresser does not fully function
  5. denriz

    Valve Clearance measurement on 09

    I just pulled off the valve cover on my 09 to check valves and I see what you mean!! did you ever figure out how to get the feeler gauge in the intakes??!!!
  6. denriz

    water pump leak crf 450

    i have the same problem with an 05 I have replaced shaft both seals and bearing but still leaking from weep hole. If you ever solve the problem tell us!!
  7. I recently switched from 05 crf450 to 09 crf450 and the the change is great! only one caveat... MAKE SURE YOU TOP OFF GAS BEFORE YOU GET ON THE TRACK.I was used to carb bike that bogs a little before the gas runs out but FI goes from full on to full off. I hit jump face and bike cut out, and now have % broken ribs broken collarbone and lacerated spleen as a result!!
  8. denriz

    new oem head??!!!

    mystery solved. I bought the bike used and pr2 was etched on the head. I called the shop and they said they bore out and use larger intake lifters. I ordered oem lifters and they fit nicely!!
  9. denriz

    new oem head??!!!

    I just got a new oem head for my 07 crf 250r and the intake openings are smaller than the intake buckets on my old head! the part number on the box checks out for 07! I am at a loss on what to do. does anyone know if there was a change in valve bucket over the years?? if so either they packaged the head wrong of the head I have on there was not correct, HELP
  10. denriz

    crankshaft play in case

    thanks you guys were right, I did not realize the gear had to be in place to take out the play. I have split many cases on other bikes and never have seen that! i guess i learned something new !
  11. denriz

    crankshaft play in case

    I have a 07 crf250 that had countershaft break. I had to replace the shaft 2 gears ans right case. when I put the cases back together there seems to be side to side play between the crankshaft in the cases. is there a spec for this?? the bearings them self seem fine.Is it possible that the oem case I replaced was machined wrong?? other that the transmission grenading the bike ran fine!
  12. denriz

    07 hard to kick

    since I have shimmed the ex valve a little tighter it seems to kick easier. I bought the bike used and pr2 is etched on the cylinder, I have no idea what they modded or if that has anything to do with my difficulty though!
  13. denriz

    No spark

    I had an 07 with no spark turned out to be a little metal shaving on the pickup next to the stator maybe check that... dont forget to drain oil before pulling case!
  14. denriz

    07 hard to kick

    i am 5' 10" and 185 my sons bike is same model easier to kick. the bike starts 90% of time on first or second kick. This is first honda I have had, and the exhaust clearance spec seems high. If i shim valves tighter it kicks easier at the factory clearance it seems that the decompressor connot do its job. Is it just me???
  15. denriz

    07 hard to kick

    I have 07 crf250r that runs great starts on first few kicks most of the time. My problem is I have to stand on the kickstarter to kick it over, and if I dont get it started after 3-4 kicks forget it!! it wont start and I am worn out!!