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  1. do you have exhaust? I run a 49 with a full bill's exhaust which complety woke up the motor.
  2. briank3000

    07 exhaust on 06.

    I picked up the 07 system on ebay for $ 80.00. The guy bought a new bike and went for exhaust right away like alot of people do. You cannot get a slip on for this. I merely wanted a little more bottom like my son's 07. The endcap is much smaller on the 07 so I merely swaped it out and the results is fantastic. Just thought some other guys with 06/07 might be intersted in doing the same.
  3. briank3000

    07 exhaust on 06.

    Yes, all the exhaust is factory yamaha. I simply used the o7 exhaust wich is steped and larger w/06 end cap that is not reduced in size.
  4. briank3000

    07 exhaust on 06.

    I puchased a o7 exhaust with the step headear and installed it on my o6. I took the end cap off of the o6 and put it on the o7 and the bike is simply perferct. The new header lets it rev faster and gives it more snap. By using the 06 end cap it sounds and runs great all over the power band. I am wondering if anyone elso has done this. It feels better that my sons stock o7 and better than my friends 06 with a dr. D full exhaust.
  5. briank3000

    true 06yz450 to 07yz450 comparison

    Have you heard of anyone putting an 07 head pipe with the 06 silencer on an 06. I am going to do this this weekend.
  6. briank3000

    Im ready to blow my bike up!

    Remove carb and inspect the throttle valve. Probably broken, it is letting in to much air. that is why it will run with the choke.
  7. I to had a wr and started track riding. Change the rear sproket to a 48 and you can stretch 3rd and 4th gear great for desert. 2nd is perfect for all single track. You will not be sorry.
  8. briank3000

    TY Davis Injured

    I heard this news thursday at glen helen from track gossip. Teams were there getting ready the 24hr and a couple guys said Ty was injured and he would not be there.
  9. briank3000

    TY Davis Injured

    I have heard a rumor that Ty was in a crash at Racetown 395. Does anyone know if this is true?
  10. briank3000

    Is this normal !!

    Take a look at the throttle valve. It is a plate attached on the air filter side of the slide. They can crack and cause a lean mixture ratio on noticed on decelleration. It can break and let debris fly into head. This happened to me and caused a couple of bent valves.
  11. I am 6'1 35yrs old came of of 03 450. only change needed is taller bars. my new 06 is simply the funnest bike I have ever riden. It is so smooth you would not believe it. I have to tell you it is like riding a BMX bike compared my 03.
  12. briank3000

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    this is how it is. o6 is hit free, 03-05 have a powerband, 06 feels slower because you cannot feel the hit where there is not one. my son has 03 and I have 06 we race all the time he weighs 170 i am 210 and pull him in 3rd everytime. his bike feels faster when you ride it with nothing next to you.
  13. briank3000

    dunes and the yzf450

    I race my o6 all the time w/8 paddles. first one to hit the gas wins. stay away from guys that are obivously smaller that you. 20lbs makes a differance on the soft stuff.
  14. briank3000

    Do I really need an '06???

    If you get a o5 for 3k after someone lets you ride their o6 you kick yourself for not bucking up.
  15. I do not know where you live but I picked up my 06 yz450f from berts megamall in covina ca for 6950 otd tags reg everthing. picked it up 11/19/05. my salesman name was ethan.