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  1. I'd look at the petcock. The vacuum setup on these is known to fail. You can bypass it pretty easily. There is a how-to here..;highlight=petcock
  2. Before you invest in that oversize rotor you really should try the SS brake line. It is a big difference over the stock line.
  3. Depends on what part of the country you're in. If you're in the SE States, that'd be high. If you're in the NW, that'd be a fair price. Be very skeptical of the extended warrantee they'll try to sell you. You'd be better off signing up on one of the KLR forums and getting your How-To info there. It's a super easy bike to work on and parts of all kinds are readily available. Good luck.
  4. You could go with KLRCary's 685cc upgrade or Marty's "smile maker" mod and of course you could open the airbox up. I'm sure there are other upgrades but that's what comes to mind off the top. I agree, you should check out for more insight.
  5. Check out this link....shows the process to get some more Ooomph too.,1954.0.html It has the jet sizes and DrJekle is a master of the Sherpa carb.
  6. So, in summary, whatever bike you get, that's gonna be the best. You read the testimonials, "I have this and it's best" or, "I have that and it's best". It's good to ask questions but hey, we're all biased. If we all had each type of bike, then you would get a direct answer....maybe.