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  1. this is following on from the other thread, im a little confused as to what bubba has done to annoy kawasaki involving his friends and family or something?? anyone care to fill me in.... thank you adam
  2. tumbleweed...
  3. wake up you lot, this is motocross!! it happens. when you line up you know you gotta expect anything. think MC came back thinking he was safe from everyone?!?! i dont think so. take-outs make mx so exciting. imagine it, RC knocks Reed off on a corner, RC turns round and picks him up "oh im sooo sorry sir, excuse me, let me help you with that bike" gimme a break....
  4. if i had my manual here id love to check it!!! shame i dont! i shall be ringing kawasaki tomorrow as soon as i wake up! the only thing im worried about is my bike is an import
  5. its basically very nearly fixed, being put back together as i type this by a friend/mechanic... are all manuals the same e.g. english/american
  6. i put my filter in backwards and my piston flipped causing about £700 (im from the UK) worth of damage, its still not fixed. as i am from the UK, will i still have a chance of getting compensation from Kawasaki?? and how do i go about getting the new manual?? thanks adam
  7. a holeshot device keeps the front end down when you start, to activat eit you have to push the button in and push the forks down, it holds your forks down untill you hit a resonable sized bump on the track...
  8. will do mate, just out of interest, do you know what weight etc the bikes are set up for? cheers adam
  9. as i saw a thread for set up for heavy riders, i thought id make a thread about set up for smaller riders such as my self. im about 60kg and an intermediet (sp) rider, and the standard suspension set up on my 06 kxf 250 is just to hard. what clicks do you recomend? cheers adam
  10. what does that mean? pardon my ignorance...
  11. yes, alot of places over here have them, the cheapest place i found is but you may have to call them to order them, if not go to then go to the motocross forum and PM a member called Thumps, he should sot you out! adam
  12. with bike bandit i was only able to find parts for quads etc. not the 250f and 450's?
  13. any websites like that for the kwaka's? cheers adam
  14. i dunno man, this whole engine thing is above me no, to be honest i dont know what to make of it anymore. im sure i read somewhere on hear about the same thing happening to someone else. adam
  15. link to the pictures... can pistons run in an engine "sideways" not completely, just at an angle.