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    I love to race motorcycles.
  1. brupska

    Bike Raffle

    Hey Jason. We just hope we helped you out in anyway we can. If you need something let us know and God Bless you!!!!!! Brad
  2. brupska

    Bike Raffle

    Congrats AXO959. I am still praying for Jason and his family. Bcrash let us know how he is doing and if you need anymore help!!!! Thanks Brad
  3. brupska

    BAH! Stripped Oil Filter Bolt Housing

    The last time I changed my oil, I think I might have stripped my engine case too. I am going to buy the helicoil set up for my next oilchange. Just in cas!! Thanks all
  4. brupska

    XR250L wheel on a XR650L.

    I have never measured a 250R wheel so cross your fingers.
  5. brupska

    Bike Raffle

    Hey Bcrash, I just got 5 more. Tell Jason his in our prayers and keep us informed how Jason is doing. Brad
  6. brupska

    CannonBall'ed XR650R!!!

    I have a 650L put together by Thumper Racing. It is a 675 kit with a 10.25 to 1 piston and a stock cam. It has been running for 5000 miles. The only thing wrong with it the original owner had some kind of racing graphite head gasket installed that Thumper Racing advised not to use because it would leak oil after a while which it did. I took the head off and installed a OEM Honda head gasket and now no leaks. I will call Thumper Racing a talk to them. They are very helpful. I would also call around and ask questions. Sorry to hear about the comeapart and good luck!!!!
  7. Hey all. I just got a extra XR650L wheel and a XR250L wheel with cush drive. Well I have been wandering if it will fit a 650L and so far all of the measurments are the same except the 250L wheel has a different sprocket. The disc are the same size and bolt patern. So this weekend I am going to throw a set of bearings in the 250L wheel and a old tire. Then I will beable to tell everyone if these fit. I may look for a larger sprocket tho so I don't have to take some links out of the chain. If anyone has tried this let me know. Thanks Brad
  8. brupska

    Bike Raffle

    Hey I just found out about this. I Just baught 2. Two years ago I went through a fight with cancer. I am now cancer free for two years. Fight Jason!! Fight!!!!!
  9. To go on long rides with the L you will want a bigger tank. I like the 5.8 gal Acerbis with two petcocks. The Clarke and IMS tanks only have one petcock and you will have to lay the bike over to get all of the gas out of it.
  10. I like the Husky and the KTM too. You have to ask yourself tho. Can you find parts for them to fix them if something happens in Mexico or out of town. I would stick with Japan made stuff. Maybe a CRF250x or 450x would do with a dualsport kit. I like my XR650L with some suspension upgrades and a bigger tank. The DRZ is a nice bike too.
  11. brupska

    Hey Martinfan30?

    Thanks MartinFan and everyone else.
  12. brupska

    Hey Martinfan30?

    Hey I just read a post and saw some pics of your bike. It looks great!! I was going to ask you what kind of bar risers do you have? Thanks Brad
  13. brupska

    Lites outdoor TV schedule???

    Thanks WFO and jzook. I will set my DVR up so I won't miss anything.
  14. Does anyone know when the Lites Outdoor nationals will be aired?? I think the Lites class is as much entertainment or better then the 450's.
  15. brupska

    IMS Tank repair ?

    You can weld plastic with a propane torch and plastic welding rod. MAKE SURE YOU GET ALL OF THE GAS AND GAS FUMES OUT OF THE TANK FIRST!!! Find out what kind of plastic the tank is made out of and you should beable to buy that type of plastic rod to weld with.