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  1. The basic no-go with TPI premix is that the fuel is injected into the transfers, downstream of the lower end.
  2. With a TPI KTM your stuck with OI like it or not. Also, from what I can tell, its the same pump and similar crappy plumbing as the Beta.
  3. KRAN, your a technical guy by trade, so should have an eye for the obvious. Ask yourself if you would like your 4stroke to have an external electric oil pump with added complexity and plumbing instead of the simple reliable one that works now. The new diodes and cap may fix the power supply issues, but its still plumbed like an aquarium with that shitty fitting in the manifold. My prediction is there will still be engine failures on the '18s related to this. Probably fewer, but needless failures none the less.
  4. From what I've seen its common, pulled one out of an XT just by pulling on the tubing. Dealer had one fall out of new 250RR. Thats a very poor and cheap way to implement a critical function.
  5. Its also stupid $$. No free lunch with any of this stuff. I tend to agree with Kran, just a good lever, and work on grip strength if needed. I add some sticky grip tape if its wet, helps keep fingers planted when negotiating rocky hills.
  6. Please don't even quote the guy. He should be capped at X posts per day or something, its ridiculous.
  7. You can try to find any '05 - '11 in the best shape / best price. Frame is basically the same and has a good geometry, IMO. 45 Zoke forks on all of these. The 250 motors rip. If I wanted to build a fast, good tech woods bike that could take a beating on the cheap, I'd start here, but I know the bikes. A few years ago I would have said no way but now things seem stable. Or, you could just get a '13 Beta, go through it and swap the forks.
  8. Just block the HDR chatter, its beyond stupid how so much is said about so little. Quality of Beta electrics suck, but easy to go over and seal up and then no issues. The actual ignition and CDI are Kokusan so no problems there. Starter mechanics are fine. Engine is excellent. I don't like OC forks. Had Zoke CCs, now KYBs. Shock is OK with some tuning and very standard inside. At least the pre '18s benefit from raising the rear for more front bias. Thats it, 350hrs on mine, still a good bike.
  9. Big in Baltimore and Philly. Most of these bikes are stolen, some from local ECEA riders in NJ and PA. In one case, a guys YZ250 was stolen from the front of his shop. He happened to see it soon after in a YouTube video by one of these &%$#@!, riding all the way to a storage shed with a few other bikes! One call and justice was served. I seem to remember that one of the guys arrested for stealing the bike was killed in a gun fight a gear or so ago.
  10. I still say an older GG, well setup, with a set of good forks is an awesome technical trail bike, especially if your under 6' tall. They can be had for cheap and are bulletproof once gone through. I should clarify that in my last post I meant Marzocchi parts are almost impossible to get, GG parts are no problem.
  11. If you like the Beta for its feel and agility, you will hate the '13 GG. I had a '12 and my buddy still races his. Very stable, good versatile harescrambles bike, but trail riding in the technical tight shit the Beta will walk away, riders being equal. Turning radius is terrible even with the bolts out, as the fork is limited by the frame spars. Zoke forks have known issues and parts are all but impossible. Vibration was bad too, even after complete rebuild and crank balance. I suspect from lack of head stay, as my previous GGs were fine. Many quality issues on the '12/'13 too. I liked my older gen GGs much better. Still, if you sort it out its a good race bike, I almost won a class title on mine. All that said, the '18s are awesome after a good look at a few. They really turned it around.
  12. 36 or 38mm carb? J dia is way lean for this time of year even with a 36mm carb on a 300, would be my choice for summer. You need several dias. and 1/2 clip variants to tune with. Those needles work great in every 250/300 I've jetted from newer Betas to old Italian Huskys with Keihin carbs.
  13. I agree, but also understand that KTM basically owns WP and Beta is in bed with Sachs, so I wouldn't expect anything to change in the near future. The KYBs on the GG is what is primarily selling the bikes. Bikes are getting stupid expensive and yet more and more corners are still being cut.
  14. Breaking the impeller does nothing for getting the bolt out if it's loctited or seized. Been through this with a GasGas, if it takes X Nm to break the bolt, that is applied through the gear. I had a spare GG motor I bought with a cracked gear from a hack removal attempt. FWIW, I have never boiled mine as a 250 or 300. Even in the mud fest NE24 Hr Challenge.
  15. I have the EE stuff for the YZF. Right side just a small skid plate for the lug. Brake side has an integrated alloy rotor guard. Kind of heavy, but being I trashed two front rotors in the rocks its a good thing. At the very least, ZipTy racing used to make these alloy expansion plug inserts that fit in the bottom of the lug around the adjuster to reinforce it. I have those as well, will try and take a pic later.