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  1. GP

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    Better tell Steve then because he has '19 144s now, and carbed 250/300 US models on the way. Estart, 6 speed, KYBs.
  2. GP

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    I want to see how(if?) a TPI / OI KTM holds up to 5 years of abuse. I like the Beta design or any with the reed block injection better as it can eliminate OI, and be tuned for pure performance. In fact if this was the goal, as was the point of the other advancements mentioned, it would be a different story, but this is not performance driven. I have to hand it to TM, that little company is really getting shit done, and only what has to be done. They are giving people what they want, not what happens to be required to meet a completely irrelevant emissions standard.
  3. GP

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    Toss Beta's spring guide, believe me. They are sooo much better sprung on the stiff side with min preload. I got my 5.8 kg spring from Steve, and he tested it close to a 5.9kg. I'm 185 lbs. If someone told me when I got the bike I should run a 5.8-5.9 spring I would have laughed. Well, no joke. Between the Gold Valve, spring, and a couple other mods the shock is fantastic now. I have never felt better during and after a rough ride, I'm done with it. As far as heat a 2stroke pipe stinger near the reservoir is insignificant. While a 4stroke pipe proximity may seem like a bad idea, things are not always as they seem. Its only over a small area near the bottom, which is the nitrogen chamber. There is a lot more aluminum mass in cooler air to transfer heat. If this were indeed a problem, or even a concern, I would think you would see countermeasures implemented in professional MX/SX.
  4. GP

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    As much as I deal with high tech in my daily job I like my bike simple. Even my new truck has too much for my taste. Like OI (and OI is a requirement for TPI), this is emissions driven. I see it as a stepping stone with approx status quo performance in many, not all, situations. Now, DI could yield significant performance gains as well, but as was said there are packaging challenges on bikes that are not a problem with sleds. If this can eventually be worked out and cost/performance effective it may be worth the added complexity, and weight can likely be offset by the fact that you can get the same power from smaller displacements. It will take some out of the box thinking and possibly new engine design/layouts, as the DI needs room on the head.
  5. GP

    Started up my 18 x and oh no

    The oil drained through the pump and into the crankcase while it was sitting, why the tank is empty. Now your silencer packing is likely saturated. Beta OI = price point junk.
  6. Tough to find one in a configuration you want. Only 2 among the north jersey dealers, and not the TRD Off Road model. My local dealer alone had 43 trucks and no manuals. They sell a lot of these things. My son worked for Toyota over the summer driving cars between dealers, same story. I like a manual, but the auto is no big deal with the firmware TSB and choice of modes. Like it or not that's how things are going now with up to 10 speed autos and lockup converters to meet mileage specs.
  7. I've had a Chevy and a Ford Ranger between the Toyotas, figured I'd try. Two fails. Chevy nice motor but little stuff garbage and just got old very fast. Ford initial quality issues, then pretty good until 100K when it just started to give up. Transfer case was the last straw, drove it to Toyota dealer and home with first Tundra. I buy what I know works for me, and what I don't have to screw around with much. Today got the truck's firmware updated at the dealer with latest version and the shifting is way better, like a different truck. Milage is good @ 21 combined (trip) and you still have ECT and S mode for towing or really hilly areas. So, easily solved, and likely anything newer than my 7/2018 build will have it anyway. Good stuff.
  8. I slide the swingarm pivot in temporarily without the swingarm just to locate the motor while I install the other mounts. Then go back and install swingarm. Always tighten swingarm pivot first, head stay last.
  9. I have, but $770 ? The TSB is supposed to do similar, and honestly the ECT power mode is pretty good. It's the ridiculous shift map in D that's screwed up, the motor itself is nice and makes good power when not bogged down by too high a gear.
  10. No surprise there, I do all my own work. This is my 5th Toyota truck, plus a Supra and Celica back in the '80s. All sold running well, least milage was 195K.
  11. Head mod and 13/51 gearing, 250 is just right.
  12. Picked up my '18 Tacoma last week. Double cab short bed 4x4. Yes, the trans shifts up early and downshifts often in D. In ECT mode it runs great and only looses .5mpg average, so WTF with the "D" shifting algorithm? There is a new TSB (firmware reflash ECU) just out that is supposed to address this and by all accounts it does, why I bought the truck. My truck was built in July, probably just before the TSB release. Taking it in Sat. so all should be good. Other than that no initial issues as expected. Coming from a Tundra Crewmax with 231K that I just don't need anymore, sold camper, kids older now. New Taco is a much better daily driver and suits my current needs fine.
  13. 250RR feels noticeably lighter the the 300RR as well. SAME BIKE, just converted.
  14. GP

    Sachs CC valving recommendations

    Rick don't overspring the fork relative to the shock or the steering bite will go to shit. I find going one rate stiffer than you would think out back works best. .46/5.8 for me @ 185 so your up a rate easy. Same level, lack of BS tolerance, and short fuse, just flipped the 60 card, so should work for you.
  15. GP

    Beta RR friction plates...

    Another trick I've used for awhile is sticky friction tape on my clutch lever. This helps keep a finger on the lever in really rough slow climbs where you can bounce around more with the front being light. The rare stall will usually happen when you can't cover the clutch because the bars were jerked. Seriously, whatever works and makes it more fun is cool, but its big $$, more maintenance and dicking around with adjustments, and just not on the mods radar for me. I like working on mastering the clutch, a stall is a lesson! I have a KX125 I will ride more next year to stay sharp.