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  1. 23mm clamps, but it adds cost.
  2. TM, GG, and now Sherco also agree. Like carbs and ignitions, the forks should just come from Japan and be done with the nonsense. Remember Bings and Motoplats?
  3. Quite honestly I'm tired of Euro forks and the associated bullshit. On the Race models its more of a consideration because its so much cheaper but to buy for $1500, plus valving, plus potential hardcoat, its not even on the radar. The KYBs can be made great either by a tuner or yourself with proper specs, you don't have to get into the engineering aspect if you don't want to. You can save a lot of $$ though and its by far the best value. I suspect your primary issue is rocks. NE is like here locally. Many tuners don't get the best handle on this because they don't ride it. Most of the time you get stuff back too soft that rides low, uses travel, and gets scary. I've undone jobs from tuners. Its also why the CC works better as the oil is stabilized against the rapid successive movements in the top of the travel. A lot of OC issues in the rocks are rebound control loss from foamed out oil. If you do some Jday stuff it gets even tougher as you have to cover that base too. You could be 90% there on the first try for a lot less $$ than Beta USA Sachs.
  4. True, or know the thickness of the aftermarket. Some are the same. You can also adjust oring thickness to compensate. If it gets loose it can wear the shaft! I had an OEM sprocket/oring/sleeve a couple years ago. Oring broke down/split, lost tension, sprocket wore grooves in shaft. Now I use a loctite shaft repair compound when changing sprockets which works great. Eventually I'll change it when I split the cases. Wouldn't be a bad idea to use it anyway. I like the nut style sprocket mount like a YZ, no drama.
  5. Different forks are just platforms, with different potentials. Its the tuning that the particular platform allows that does the magic. It cracks me up when I hear people question if they should get a new fork or revalve what they have. You have to tune everything or your just kidding yourself. They can be made to work well, but odds are you will have to deal with anodizing issues on Sachs, so factor that in. Personally I'm in the KYB camp for several reasons. More work up front, but very easy to live with and support over time. Cheap fast parts always available. Even if you ding an upper in a rock crash you can always get one quick new or used. Much may have to do with your ability or desire to do the work vs throw cash at it. Local tuner/dealer I know spent a lot of time on the Sachs and got a really good rock setup, but it was not good stock, so factor that in as well.
  6. GP

    2017 300RR RE Bog off Idle

    You have to differentiate between a lean bog and a rich bog, or more like a stutter. Also its hard to clean a pilot, as its so small. If you do have dirt in the bowl/pilot, it will most certainly have come from the vent lines.
  7. GP

    Airbox clip rivet

    This mod works great. I sourced parts and did it a couple years before this kit came out. Not sure if the kit has them but you can add retention to the bolts so they stay in the cover.
  8. A landscape trailer with side rails and rear ramp like the one in the background is far more secure. You can stick gas cans, gear boxes and other loose items between the toys. Unless you have a pickup hauling gas cans in a vehicle sucks. The slightly larger wheel size is also better too.
  9. GP

    200 or 250 at Altitude

    Do small animals disappear from the neighborhood?
  10. GP

    200 or 250 at Altitude

    ­čĄú I thought of so many things to say, from possibly mildly offensive to red, to getting outright banned.
  11. GP

    2stroke Flywheel ring gear

    I pull the motor, its easier to work on it on the bench, and gives the opportunity to clean up and check the frame good, and the starter as well. I pulled the starter apart a couple times, last year put in new brushes. It sits low, often in wet crap in the skid plate, so doesn't hurt to check the integrity. There is only a very thin rubber seal between the halves keeping water out of the motor. I know of a couple that leaked and failed in a couple years.
  12. GP

    200 or 250 at Altitude

    So what exactly does a practicing witch do? Can she snap her fingers and make you fast ?
  13. GP

    2stroke Flywheel ring gear

    Yeah, besides the Zokes its been great considering the use. I credit the motor to a lot of oil and precision assembly, its always been very low vibe bike. The Force guard and link guard on the other hand need some work.­čś«
  14. GP

    2stroke Flywheel ring gear

    That's perfect Bassman, thanks. It gives me an idea of how much heat is acceptable. I'm a decent stick welder and have my own machine, but I'd rather have this done Tig by a pro.