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  1. probably the coolest thing to ever be on planet earth. ever. these bikes are soooooo much fun.
  2. heres a picture of my sdg. this picture was taken as a joke. im not that gangster.
  3. who cares about scuffed cases? its a DIRT BIKE that was RACED in the DIRT AND ROCKS at a PRO LEVEL. of course its going to have some scratches on it. it makes close to 43 hp at the wheel, has supposedly wonderful suspension, it does have modded brakes, etc. i think the person who posted this on ebay may be a little bit generous in calling it a true works bike, but if it only has 3 hours on it, and is really as good as he says it is, its well worth the current bid IMO. my skill level cant even allow me to fully utlize a stock CRF, so i have no interest in it. (plus im suuuuper happy with my 05 with just cam, piston and head work.) either way, this is a super trick bike IMO. just like someone else said if this thing had graphics on it and black rims on it, and maybe some red triples, people would be drooling all over this thing. cool bike, hope it ends up in a good home. if someone off this board buys it, let us know how the motor feels!!!
  4. i dont know about the whole 93 octane thing, but, yes, ethanol is very corrosive to the hoses that would be on a bike. that new e85 gas theyre making from corn, or whatever, is extremely corrosive unless you have a car made after 2003, i believe, when manufacturers started making fuel systems to withstand ethanol corrosion. i guess thats kind of relevant info. btw, i have a 13.5 (i believe) compression wiseco piston and run 93 with no known problems so far. i bought the bike used with the piston already in it, and he said he ran it on pump gas. like i said, i havent had any problems yet, but should i be okay? or should i switch to stock compression? cause i cant afford race ga$.
  5. if its left hand thread, do i just need to put it in gear and hold the rear brake while breaking the bolt loose? thanks for your input by the way, i went ahead and ordered that seal. it was like $4 or something, pretty cheap.
  6. first off, i did a search and couldnt really find what i was looking for. any help i can get would be very much appreciated. thanks. ok, heres the deal, was screwing around today in my neighborhood and noticed that my bike, a 2005 CRF 250, was leaking water out of the weep hole next to the water pump. its dripping out pretty fast, maybe 1 or more drips per second. im new to these bikes, so i dont really know too much about them. am i looking at having to get a whole new water pump, or is a simple seal replacement the answer??? i also have a suzuki drz 400, and i know that it used to be a common problem in the earlier models to have a leaky water pump cover gasket, and you had to take it off and silicone it, and put it back on. is there a similar problem with these bikes? im really hoping to get this fixed asap, so that i can go ride this weekend. any help would be much appreciated. ok, thanks. ronnie simpson
  7. i ordered two things from them about two weeks ago, and was kind of amazed at the email i got. i first got an email confirmation that i had ordered part # blah blah blah, and my visa card was accepted or whatever. then, like 30 minutes later, i got an email that said "ronnie, i have your parts in stock, im boxing them up right now and shipping out in a few minutes. ken" i think that is pretty bad ass. dude emailed me like he knew me and personally let me know that he had the parts and was shipping them out immediately. thumbs up for their customer service. btw, parts showed up right on time!! i recommend them.
  8. if you have a cycle gear location near you, or any big bike shops, you can gget whole bolt kits (maybe same as one from rockymountainatv sells). i paid about $40 for a kit, and it has pretty much every bolt used on any late model japanese dirtbike. very good investment.
  9. yeah, shawnmc, you are an absolute genius. if you were in texas, i would buy you a beer. i had never even had forks apart before, but last week i bought an 05 crf 250r with blown fork seals, and changed them no problem!!!! thanks!!!
  10. if youre interested in replacing the fork seals, its not hard at all. heres a link to a thread that walked me through how to do it. you can get a 50mm wrench through honda for the top damper nut for about $50, or you can get a motion pro fork cap wrench that is 46mm on one side and 50mm on the other side for about $37. i used a pipe wrench, and was very careful, and that worked just fine. i did however end up buying the motion pro wrench, and it should be here any day now. good luck.
  11. i have a 2000 vor 503. im looking for a headgasket for it. e-mailed dan at motoxotica, and they did not have any HG's in stock. anyone have any laying around, or know of a source for one? i have heard people say they reuse them, but i would prefer to have a new one if at all possible. thanks in advance ronnie simpson
  12. thats like asking if ford or chevy is best. ford guys will tell you one thing, chevy guys will say another thing, while a third party will say ktm. i myself have a vor and suzuki. go figure.
  13. so, wheels off an e will bolt right up? (obviously swapping out front rotor) will wheels off an S or RM bolt right up? or, what other model's wheels are interchangable? thanks
  14. 2006 DRZ400SM. before yesterday, 234 miles. now. 1500 miles. rode it from atlanta to san antonio. it was long.
  15. i picked up my 06 drz 400sm last week and it came with 8 "takasago excel" stickers in a little baggy with the owner's manual. i can confirm at very least that the 06 SM's have excel rims on them. i would only assume 05's are the same.