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  1. I have had a new clutch piston for 7000km. No problems so far. Better rubber I Think. The old broken one did I repar by putting an O-ring insted of the piston ring. I´t was a temporary repair. It didn´t work 100%. Some air was came in the hydralic system.
  2. Yes, my bike too. Before 4000km the piston sealing broke. It,s a 2018 still under warranty, but no new cylinders in stock.
  3. jetin

    Getting Old!

    You are still young boys. I´m passing 60 years old and still riding. Nobody is in the way on the track. Some is faster then others, thats racing. Keep your klx, it´s a nice bike. Put your money on your self insted. Go for an endurotour with guide and rentalbike somewhere far away. best regrds, jetin
  4. I run #165 mj on ice, I don´t change needle jet because on full throttle it dosent matter.
  5. jetin

    Air Fliter (non-foam)?

    thank´s. no toil isn´t sold in sweden but twinair is.
  6. jetin

    Air Fliter (non-foam)?

    hello I´m loocking for a preoiled foamairfilter, haven´t found any. only to kxf jetin
  7. I don´t know about deserts. The finns stops mud from goggling the radiators, yammaha don,t boil or overheat at muddy tracs, they work fine. In sweden ther is a race in november, Gotlands grand national. Very muddy. My bike did fine. My bros Kawazaki overheated. here you can see for your self skål jetin
  8. You need all enginegaskets, 4th gear, 5th gear at the driveaxel and the shiftfork at the 4th gear. maybe some more parts Good luck repairing. Len
  9. check the elektrik cords just utside the engine/generator, twist them whith the engine running and see if the lights come on. I also have a 426/01 and that was the problem
  10. I´ve a 2001. softer spring front and rear, 0,42 and 4,8 springrate, yz tank and seat (8lit). thats the differens. all other parts are the same,
  11. yes, I hade 5th blown while driving to and off work. 426 -01
  12. jetin


    Yes 10 days are right, I almost lost a day on the big sand dunes. I had to high speed and could not stop at the top. I landed on the other side on my head. Thats wat I have been told. I don`t remember it myself.
  13. jetin


    Me and my brother did this 9 days in the mountains and desert tour in may -06 http://www.motoaventures.com/morocco/?m0=2〈=0 best Holiday ever. KTM is allmost as god as yamaha? no but morocco is fun jetin
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