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  1. dsconstructs

    Good NorCal Service Dept.

    Possibly Prodigy Minisports in Vacaville. They took good care of my brother's bike rebuilding it, which I now own.
  2. dsconstructs

    01 426 exhaust cam swap

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1068609&highlight=pdf#post1068609 Enjoy
  3. dsconstructs

    street legal 426?

    http://www.offroad-only.com/ Might check with them. I have no experience with them but they still actively advertize that they can do it.......
  4. dsconstructs

    My factory Mechanic at Work

    Props for getting your son involved with maintenance and such. He'll grow up with confidence on fixing things for himself.
  5. dsconstructs

    Missed Shifts - 426

    Mine shifts from 1st to 2nd alright, it's down shifting back to 1st where I have problems.
  6. dsconstructs

    '07 YZ450 info released

    http://www.yamahasportsplaza.com/pages/newvehicles/viewlines/62/Yamaha_Lines.aspx This place has the 07 models up on their site as of last night.
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  8. dsconstructs

    When installing a Scotts oil filter on a yz426...

    Yes that gets removed for the Scott's filter.
  9. dsconstructs

    HotCam 2002 426

    Be sure that you have an inch lb. torque wrench, not a ft. lb. one.
  10. dsconstructs

    Gas Tank Expansion

    Try a search in the 426 forum. Not too long ago someone there did do that and IIRC they gained a couple/few tenths of a gallon anyway.
  11. Do yourself a favor and get the TT billet plug instead of #15 http://shop.thumpertalk.com/Decompression_Plug_p/qmr-03dpb.htm
  12. I also recently did this with the 03 450 cam. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Kicks over like a dream. For me it seems to have smoothed out the whole power band nicely, it may have more power down low ......I just know that the power climbs more smooth throughout without the sudden hit in the mid range. The timing mark is really a non issue, the intake is timed with the timing marks and then count pins for the exhaust...simple.
  13. dsconstructs

    Kickstand on a YZ

    I just know that mine works great. What are the bad things you've heard?
  14. dsconstructs

    Kickstand on a YZ

    That seller is a stand up guy, just not sure about the stand. We put one on my brothers 250f and within a couple months had to exchange the bracket with the seller because the stop was sheering off. Plus the stand was flopping around while riding. We'll see how this replacement bracket holds up. On my 426 I have a Moose stand, clamps on the swing arm, it was on the bike when I bought it but I'm really pleased with it. Wish it swung up more than just parallel with the swing arm but it does hold up to rider's weight on the bike and it stays up while riding.
  15. Also, if removing the decompression mechanism from the head, not just the cable and hand lever, get the TT billet plug, stock plastic ones have been known to pop out, and another version of the billet plug with an o ring seal leaked on me immediately.