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  1. You got some editing skilz. Nice vid. I laughed, I cried...
  2. Washington

    Hey, I'm new to the area (Puyallup) and haven't been out riding yet. I'd be up for Capitol Forest this coming weekend. Friday? Can I get an orv sticker down there? I'm new to all the regulations, etc.
  3. Are you guys from the area? Have you heard of the Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders? check out the events they put on. It's a blast!!! Click Here Snails
  4. This may be a bit late since you've already ordered your sprockets, but for anyone that found this post by searching for answers regarding gearing and what's best for them, here's my $.02. '94 XR600R Plated Supermoto/Dual Sport (two sets of wheels) I ran 14/43 when in supermoto trim. With the 17 inch wheels it was perfect. Cruise at 70mph in the meat of the power not rev'ing to much for a long ride. I swapped out the wheels for a dual sport ride, proofing mileage for an event, and because I waited 'til the last minute I used the same sprockets and chain. With the 18" rear wheel and taller tire w/knobbies I was amazed how tall the gearing was. First wasn't too tall to get going, but not good for tight woods/single track. On the fire roads and asphault, I didn't shift in to fifth gear until I hit 60mph! I had a whole gear to chug. We never got above 80mph, but my guess is the gearing could have pulled 100mph easily. My experience: 14/48 - Good for tight single track, two track, truck trail etc. Top cruising speed = 50-55. 15/48 - Good for two track, truck trail fire roads, gravel/sand roads. Top cruising speed = 60-65. 14/43 - Good for truck trail, fire roads, asphault long haul, high speed desert etc. Top cruising speed = 85ish. Cruising speed is not top speed. It's my guess on rpm ranges that are not hard on the motor for sustained periods and shouldn't cause overheating (depending on weather conditions/temps.) I will be using this bike as a loaner for freinds to ride with me and will be putting on 14/48 gearing with a fresh 15 tooth counter for quick swaps in higher speed situations. Hope this helps someone... Snails
  5. Yah, I figured callin' 'em "rubbers" would leave it way too open.
  6. Anyone got an updated conditions report? I'm guessing it might be a little soupy. With 70 degrees this weekend, there shouldn't be any show left over, but rain late next week means bring the gollashes! See ya'll up there.
  7. Postmortal, check out these rides. R4R and Big Woods 200 These events draw a great group of riders, well organized, and you'll be sure to find riders of your calibur. Guys come from as far as Montana and Colorado to ride this thing. Cheers. Snails
  8. '06 xc-w I haven't hit reserve yet, but I"m always nervous about it. I ride in the back woods and we run 120+ mile loops with a couple gas ups in there. I've gone 60+ miles of 50% hard (WFOish) 25% tight single track low rpm/mph, 25% all the rest and didn't hit reserve. I'd say, find good jetting for you conditions and race/ride and then just know your MPG limits. Maybe get a bigger tank if needed. $.02
  9. The Gary, I bought an '06 xc-w mid May of '07. It had 11 hours and was ridden by an older gentleman around his property. It looked like it was purchased the week prior, ridden a couple days, washed maintained and then up for sale. I was happy to get it for just over 4100 (after some negotiation). So it was only a year old. Now it's two with about 35 hours on it. If I were to sell it, I would ask 3500 firm. (Note: It's not for sale!) In my opinion, an '05 could fetch 2500-3200 depending on its condition and the feeling you get from the owner/rider. If you have never been to one of the Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders events, I would suggest you check it out. They are the most fun I've had on a dirt bike in years (just shy of so cal). The KTM 300 is the perfect tool for the job. Best of luck, Snails
  10. I grew up riding quads cause the rents thought dirt bikes where too dangerous... The way I see ride a pilot a bike. I won't ride a quad again until I can't ride a bike. But that's just me. Have fun on your own ride.
  11. "The Buckeye" riding area is closed to off-road riding. The land is owned by GE and recently had the land clasified as a conservation area, thus making it illegal to ride. Cops are giving out tickets. Don't waste your time.
  12. Congratulations to you and your brother. Pay're righting history! Happy Mothers Day to Mom! Thanks for sharing the video. Snails