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  1. Bogieknight


    Corr blimey govner. That's mustard.
  2. Bogieknight

    Kientech no weld GSXR flange plate ???

    I e-mailed Jesse, and here's his response. Hope its some use. "Yes I have the setup to install this system including the flange, gasket, silicon o;ring, bracket and two bros midpipe or the hindle midpipe. The mid pipes are 120.00 the flange is 12.00 for the aluminum one (no welding needed) and 16.75 for the stainless (weldable option) . the bracket is 40.00 and gaskets are 8.50. shipping would be US Mail just the cost. You will want to find an 01-02 Gsxr exhaust as this is the one that fits this mod. The later ones do not fit. The gsxr 600 and 750 exhausts fit as well look for the 01-03 as they are the same length but 1 lb heavier. They sound nice just like the 1000 model. Jesse". S'got the juices flowing, but I may have to wait a little for a more favourable exchange rate. It'll cost me as much to buy a Marving can that'll just slip straight on.
  3. Bogieknight

    Sargent seat for DR650 available in 09...

    I'm on the list! Hope it's available through the UK distributor at a reasonable price. Thanks for the tip-off.
  4. Bogieknight

    SS Gsxr Exhaust Flange Needed .

    Hammeredflat, Those goodies still on offer, or is O & S not so slow as the name states?
  5. Bogieknight


    For me it' ll either be TKC or Trelleborgs. Not sure how they compare against each other. Anyone any experience of the T'borgs? (sorry, not meant to be a hijack, I'm equally as interested in the TKC 80s).
  6. Bogieknight

    Kientech no weld GSXR flange plate ???

    Hello OldTurtle, I'm keen on sorting something like this out. How much was the flange from Jesse? I'd be interested to know what it looks like with the gixxer can and how effective it is. Keep us posted once you get it on the bike please.
  7. Bogieknight


    Good on ya Moto Psycho. I've been strongly considering a set of these myself. It'll be good to see what they're like on UK trails.
  8. Bogieknight

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Hi Boomhauer and welcome. That's a crackin' bike. Would appreciate some detail on the mods. Cheers
  9. Bogieknight

    Any bigger CC or higher comp. pistons for DR650SE?

    Hey XR RON, Does the passenger have a spark arrestor on the muzzle!?
  10. Bogieknight

    DR650 Back End Jack Up

    Righton. Sounds a little challenging without the manual. I'll have to see if the manual I have has the pics in. Thanks again for the write up.
  11. Bogieknight

    DR650 Back End Jack Up

    Hey Grandpa! You were right. There's the lower bolt in the upper hole so it's sitting low. I'll get that changed once I've got the swingarm off for the frame respray. Thanks very much for that - top tip!!
  12. Bogieknight

    DR650 Back End Jack Up

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I won't go ahead and by these jack up bones then. I have to say you'd confirmed my suspicions as I wouldn't do it so dramatically on a road bike. Having said that I do have a 6mm spacer on my Blackbird's rear shock. It sharpens up the handling quite nicely. Grandpa, I'll have a look at the rear shock to see if it has been raised. If not I'll give that a go. Thanks for the tip. Cheers all!
  13. Bogieknight

    DR650 Back End Jack Up

    Anyone done it? I'm thinking changing the suss link bones because it'd be nice to get a bit of extra height so I can see beyond cars in front on my commute to work. It also looks a bit cool. Any comments and advice would be appreciated, especially on how it affected the off road manners of the machine. Thanks in advance
  14. Bogieknight

    The Suzuki DR650SM HSC Edition !!!

    Nice bike! I'm foaming at the gash! Loving the forks. Good effort all round. Enjoy that Bad Boy!
  15. Bogieknight

    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    I've use a dual HID setup on my Blackbird. I can't recommend them enough. I will eventually replace the standard bulbs, perhaps once the evenings start getting shorter. They do make a huge difference without a doubt. My concern on the DR would be the vibration and whether the alternator windings could cope with the current surge on light up. The kits seem to be fairly cheap these days; I bought the one's for the Blackbird from E-bay and they cost me around £30 from HK. I've put around 15k miles on the bike since without a problem to the electrics or the lighting function. It is the way forward!