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  1. Markvb

    "rolling the carb" for screw adjustment

    I'll give it a try, thanks!
  2. How hard is it to "roll the carb" to get to the fuel screw for adjustment? I really don't want to take the whole carb off. What do you guys do that re-jet, etc. to get underneath it? Take it off every time? I can't even tell if I am turning the screw with the motion pro tool either!
  3. Markvb

    rear disk brake drag

    Thanks for the info and replys!
  4. Markvb

    rear disk brake drag

    To what degree should the rear brake pads drag the rotor when free spinning the rear wheel? The rotor has just been replaced and it seems like excessive drag - the rotor is pretty hot after just riding but I have never paid attention to this before. Normal?