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  1. fatguyonalittlebike

    Venom bikes

    i bought a bike from vinco, back when they were carrying stock china bikes and getting into the custom bikes they are making now. the bike i got was essentially the same bike as the venom bike(i wanted a venom bike cause they looked cool) but ended up getting a MUCH better deal from vinco. i have a 2005 pitster and 2 thumpstar 120's along with the (venom) bike. the venom motor runs strong and is almost as fast as the pitster and thumpstar, it is everything else that is not up to par. the suspension is like a pogo stick, the finish work is not nearly as nice as the others. if i was to the brakes and levers are all cheaper. the tires need replacing. the version i got doesn't have the aluminum frame but from what i can tell, most of the other parts are the same. it is a decent bike if you don't have anything to compare it to, but it you ride with anybody else or have something to compare it to, you will see the quality isn't as high as the major hitters on the pit bike scene. hope this first hand experience helps.
  2. fatguyonalittlebike

    Pocket Bikes....

    when i first looked into getting a pitbike, i bought one of the little pocket dirtbikes off ebay. it sucked for me but my 6 year old daughter loves it. they are too small to really be practicle or much fun for anyone much older than that. aside from her braking one of the brake levers when she crashed, i have not had any problems with it. it maybe has 20 hours on it. replaced the plug once. if you are 40 inches tall and weigh 50 lbs, get one, if you are bigger than that, save up and get a real pit bike from outlaw.
  3. fatguyonalittlebike

    Masters of Mini Video Clip Round #1

    the last 1/4 of the teaser was cool. you could do away with the first 3/4. I understand the cinematic and artisitc ideas, but on a movie about riding minis, why waste the first 1:30 about sprinklers and crowds and only put people actually riding for the last 30 seconds. With that said, they look like some pretty nice tracks and good racing. i wish the vegas track had more big jumps like these tracks featured. just my 2 cents worth.
  4. fatguyonalittlebike

    Fake Pitsters

    i am going to buy a hyundai and slap a BMW hood ornament on it and call it a beamer.
  5. fatguyonalittlebike


    those tires are awesome. you could probably ride that thing across water. i have never seen the old fat cat wheels on a pitbike like that.
  6. fatguyonalittlebike


    you will find tha same weak gears on most knock offs from the last few years. most companies are using stronger gears now days and you can get replacements from thumpstar either for free or for $59 depending on your situation and where you got the bike. the guy that started this post asked for input on a thumpstar, he didn't ask what CRWDIRTYJ would do if you had two of them, which apparently you don't.
  7. fatguyonalittlebike


    i paid $1100 for one and $1200 for the other of my thumpstars. if you ask me, that is a pretty good price for what you get. Suspension is the only weekness i have found.
  8. fatguyonalittlebike

    ssr better then thumpstar?

    i have 2 thumpstars and i love them. i like their power better than the pitster but i have not re-geared it from stock yet. the rear suspension on my thumpstars needs to be replaced with something stiffer but the quality and value was great IMO. i have not ridden the ssr.
  9. fatguyonalittlebike

    Alum Frame 125 Venom

    like they said, you can get a similar bike for 1/4 the cost, or a really nice bike for the same $1700 you would have spent. try a pitster, extreme, thumpstar, rcm.
  10. fatguyonalittlebike

    looking at thumpstars

    i have a couple of thumpstar 120's which i imagine are pretty similar. i think the super hunge lines are sold out of the US. Great bikes. a blast to ride and great power. could use a nicer rear shock. but i'm very pleased with their quality and performance.
  11. fatguyonalittlebike

    125cc Thunder 2006

    Go with the pitster. I have ridden the same if not a very similar rear shock and it is like a pogo stick and when they say it is fully adjustable , that doesn't mean dampening or rebound. the tires are going to need to be replaced soon. it looks like it has an electric start, which most people take off anyway. The new pitsters already have most of the upgrades you would be doing to this bike. The thunder looks like a decent bike but if it were me , i would spend the extra and get a pitster. (i have something similar to both of the bikes you are debating and the pitster is worth much more than the few hundred dollar difference)
  12. fatguyonalittlebike

    OK bike to begin with?

    the nice thing about a 4 stroke pit bike to start is that they have so much low end it is impossible to pop the clutch and stall it for beginners. most pit bikes are around 26-29" seat height. i like the 4 strokes becasue they are less maintenance but it kind of depends on what you are riding.
  13. the brake set-up on that last bike looks scary. the disks are too big for those 10 inch wheels. the motors on these things will probably be the most reliable part of the bike. if you are not jumping or riding hard, something like this will probably work, but just make sure you can get parts if something breaks.
  14. fatguyonalittlebike

    Brand X in the Sand

    the brand X bike looks pretty similar to a pitster except the rear swing arm is "A" style.
  15. fatguyonalittlebike

    Any UTAH RIDRS? we need a new track, Please help.

    do you know what kind of zoning, regulations, ordinances, legal crap need to be followed to have it be legit? what is your long term vision? pay track open daily? only open for special events to invited guests?