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  1. I am about to buy a 1997 suzuki dr200 street and trail. i was just wondering if they have any major problems or any kind of problems that i should know about to look for before i go buy it? So post anything you guys heard about them or anything anyone experienced. Thank you
  2. i would go down there and freak out on them what the heck they shouldnt leave your bike outside if theirs a chance it can get stolen and they cant do anything about it.
  3. I think thats about right i weight 175 and my suspension feels great on my 06 crf450
  4. Quads are nothing but problems. i mean they are fun and all but think about this, would you rather dump a dirtbike and get a few scrapes or nothing at all to the bike or yourself or would you rather flip a quad and most likeley mess it up badley and get hurt on it. Maybe he just wants a quad because the winters coming up and dirtbikes dont move to swell in the white stuff.
  5. If this is a little kid which it looks like, hes got ballz to do that gap in the middle of the vid on the sloped hill
  6. That sounds soooo mean
  7. Why is he selling that for only 3g its worth like 10g easy with those custom parts.
  8. u should juss get a bigger bike. if not stock gearing should b fine more
  9. Anyone with IMS/clarke fuel tanks please post pics. I noticed u can pick natural or red when ordering is natural like just white?
  10. Does anyone here ever have problems with spokes loosening/?
  11. LOL how the clothing company coming?
  12. WOW i think ud actually have to try to do that wasnt he on ice or like in the snow
  13. Im 14 and i wiegh like 150 and i was riding a crf230f for not even 6 months and i juss got an 06 450r for x mas and i love the thing its soo much easier to ride because u can whip it around so much because of all the power. and race wise, my first race is the week after easter soo ill tell ya how i do!