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  1. This guy is an ass........^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. I do hate this site and all the people on it doesnt mean i cant get you ******** to give me things to do to my bike. I have sponsors not on my bike though on my helmet ever seen that wise asses. And by the wat all this home made shit looks like shit. 05xt doesnt look to bad. Yamaha356 you i con says every thing you need to be slapped right out your comp chair you must not have to much of a life to be able to sit on here all day. bye to all im prolly banned for a nother little wile dont care.................................................................................................^ ^
  3. Thats funny yamaharider1290 that was me ttr-125 that was me, but i never told my dad &%$#@! would he do you dumb ####. I just got this s/n and made my spelling + grammer correct so you little pricks couldn't say any thing, but now i got all i need to know so i dont give a shit bout this site or any body on it and if you think that end cap is pimp looking on his bike I'd have to say lay off the weed it starting to work.
  4. I'm not 6 i'm 16 but such a close guess you ought to be a #######mind reader.
  5. yall can go #### your selves.
  6. That does not look pimp. Its covered in sticker's that means nothing right now theres a lot of stickers on there all the ones hes got $10.00 hes got a bbr frame cradel and a fmf pipe that he destroyed by putting that ugly piece of sheet metal on the end. Covering my bike with stickers is something i did when i was 5. that bike could have been nice with out all those stickers and that pipe being like that. O.K
  7. dogde trucks suck ass
  8. Hey ttr225ttr lets see a pic of the pipe you built your self.
  9. ndawg I'd like to know what you are smokeing cause what ever it is is pertty strong shit.
  10. I would but that bike in a sec.
  11. Ya thats what i said.
  12. If i was you i would go with the yoshimura,but i dont like either if it's advice on which pipe you should buy i would go with an fmf i use the fmf power core 4 i also have a ttr 125. I love the sound of the fmf.
  13. I would not advise anyone to do that to there pipe.
  14. I've seen alot worse in person, street fights mostly but the bot got knock the *** out.
  15. Ya i've heard of shipping ,but i also thought it was more than 200 i've heard 600 people have paid for shipping a bike.