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    I need CALF. jetting for 2008 450F

    Greg, I rode mine with stock exhaust and stock jetting, and it ran fine. Today, I rode Glen Helen with a Dr.D full pipe with a 162 main, 48 pilot, dropped the clip to 4th position, and the air screw out 1 3/4. The bike absolutely ripped. No backfiring, and great throttle response. Dr.D gave me these settings, but they said use the stock pilot. The bike was backfiring like crazy so I went up one on the pilot and it worked great. Hope this helps out!!
  2. Help........ Just put on my new DR.D stainless full system. Per Dubach Racing, I changed the main jet to a 162 and dropped the clip to the 4th position. It is now backfiring a little bit on decelleration, and it is shooting out flames when I hold it at about quarter throttle in neutral. Air leak??? Is there supposed to be a clamp on the header and tail connection. It did not come with one, and the stock one does not work. Also, the header pipe was glowing so bright, you could have lit a cigar. Is this normal. Any suggestions? Running it at sea level.