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  1. Ahh, makes sence. Sounds like a great design
  2. Can someone explain exactly what the part does?
  3. I ordered them from some site, i don't even remeber the address to tell you the truth, but then ended up calling and telling me they didn't have any in stock. So i grabbed some off ebay for the same price. I'm pretty sure some of the catalogs that you can access online from this site have some as well. Parts Unlimited maybe
  4. Ya, i think so too. I'm just gonna grab some 1/2inch and cut some of the treads off, unless I can find some 3/8inch ones.
  5. I went to Lowes to try and grab some sheat metal screws to do the same but the shortest that had were 1/2 inch. Which length did you get? I want the 3/8 inch ones. Does anyone think that the 1/2 inch ones will work or will they be too long?
  6. Just grabbed a box of 250 for $25 shipped.
  7. How can you tell if you have a loncin?