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  1. lfd5107

    cracked piston

    detonation was my first thought. its always run on premium but the thin wall you describe makes sense. this piston needed to be replaced sooner. mybad.
  2. lfd5107

    cracked piston

    this is an athena big bore piston off of my 250r. (280cc no stroker). anybody seen one do this or know why? it was overdue for replacement but was a playbike so i let it slide.im going back wih the stock bore. it cracked all the way through to the bottom side of the piston. glad it quit before it split in half. http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q42/lfd5107/HPIM0092.jpg
  3. lfd5107

    fork oil amount

    anyone know how much fork oil, outer tube 07 250f? no manual
  4. lfd5107

    rear tire size

    i also run a 110 rear and feel like i lost some in the handleing. my ability to turn in and rail a berm went away with this tire. love the traction tho. anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?
  5. lfd5107

    Plug Cost

    then you obviously arent buying a plug for a crf250r.
  6. lfd5107

    Recent Oil Analysis

    so which is the best? in english.
  7. lfd5107

    Big bore CRF250R

    athena 280 big bore.(2mm oversize),stage 2 hot cam, exhaust, hang on. a very reliable fun to ride 250f!
  8. lfd5107

    White bros exhaust or yoshimura?

    hmf makes a pipe for the 06?
  9. lfd5107

    major problem help?

    drain the oil remove the engine and clean the area good with carb cleaner. a good tig welder can fix it if he can get to it. throw that plastic rock guard in the trash. i take all of mine off and replace only the metal piece. youll need a couple of shorter bolts.
  10. lfd5107

    big bore kit-pros and cons.

    i also have the athena kit and couldnt be happier. lots of riding time on it without a single problem. installed a stage 2 hot cam last week after a year on the big bore and the gained a good deal of mid and top end. big bores make great low end motors. for woods riding you should be able to put it in 2nd or third and leave it till you hit the next straight. i ride only mx and the thing reved so fast i was shifting too much. the new cam helped stretch each gear out a little further. my next buy is an exhaust system. looking for still more overev. if so its gonna be the perfect vet bike. this thing will rip you off the seat and is a blast to ride. i have to think this is easier on the motor than building a full tilt high revving high compression national type motor to get the same result. during the cam install my valves were still perfect and have not moved since i bought the bike in feb 06. you have to maintain these bikes like crazy. i could not imagine buying this bike when i was 15 yo. without a mechanic for a dad. most of us cut our teeth working on two smokes where a dumb mistake didnt cost two grand to fix.
  11. lfd5107

    110 rear tire

    i put one on mine but i have a big bore kit. it hooks up like crazy but it doesnt seem to corner as well. anybody else notice this?
  12. lfd5107

    Building a Shop

    i went 30x40x10. 4" slab, 10' rollup door,1 entry door.this was a weld up all steel. my father helped me build it and i contracted the pad pour. after electical it was about $7500. its full go as big as possible. living in north texas i did not insulate but i wish iwould have. not so much for heating as keeping the dirt out. its a bitch to keep clean. when i do itll be spray in foam to seal every crack. overhead storage would be a nice touch too.
  13. lfd5107

    Which leak jet??

    your on the right track. i went to the honda shop and got the biggest leak honda offered. i think it was a 60 or 65. whatever it was it fixed it. no bog at all and i did exactly what you did.
  14. i think he means pilot jet. if you go more than 2.5 turns you will need to change the pilot jet. the main might need changing also but thats another story.
  15. lfd5107

    Stand for somthing. David Bailey.

    david hit the nail on the head. the tracks are to dangerous and the bikes are too fast. just look at the first couple of supercross tracks this year. the jumps are more peaked than before and the top riders are all falling at least once during the race. even nascar put restrictor plates on the cars to reduce speed. the 450s today are too fast and the result is more people paralized than ive ever seen in my 35 years of riding. just go out to a local track somewhere on the track is an obscene jump that dosent belong in outdoor motocross. and theres always a 13 year old kid that can clear it. one mistake and its over. david was my hero and i was crushed when he went down.