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  1. TrailGunner

    Pics of XR's

    Hey Oregon rider, super nice bike for sure. Where did you get the red number plate decals?
  2. TrailGunner

    Carb problems with my 400

    I would try another plug first, my 400 likes to foul them every so often, you might have gotten a less than prime plug last time around. Just my 2 cents.
  3. TrailGunner

    whats my xr200 worth

    Thanks ob1, I see you are from SC, do you ride at TNT? If so, how is it? Only place I've been is Brushy Mtn in Taylorsville, NC. Definitely going to try TNT soon. I've got 2 weeks vacation coming in December. Just don't seem to have time to ride unless I take time off work!
  4. TrailGunner

    whats my xr200 worth

    OK, What's my '87 XR200 worth? Old but still cranks on first kick most of the time. Smokes a little on start up and then clears out(Think it's a tad rich) has slight oil leak but does not drip, just kind of wet in one spot. Bought it 8 years ago to ride behind my 5 year old son when I bought him his first bike(JR50), last Saturday my son rode that XR200 with no problem at all and it almost made me cry. I've since moved on to a '01 XR400 and my son has an '04 TTR125 small wheel which obviously needs to be replaced with something bigger! Time flys!
  5. TrailGunner

    Brown Mtn...stupid leaves, anyone else....

    I rode at Brushy a week ago and the leaves covering those rocks really made it a pain on some parts of the trails. But that was last week, maybe it's better now.
  6. TrailGunner

    clear lacqure on black plastic

    Wal mart is selling a line on paint that is made to stick to plastic. I think it is made by Krylon and it's called Fusion. Don't know if they have clear but it's worth a look since everyone goes to Walmart at least once a week. It's in the spary paint section.
  7. TrailGunner

    Asheville NC riding areas

    TNT in Chester SC is supposed to be good. Exit 59(I think) off of I-77. Going to try TNT this weekend if time permits. Did Brushy mtn in Taylorsville NC last weekend, good but lots of loose rocks with leaves covering them, not cool. No tracks (yet). Also 20 bucks to get in. TNT has several tracks and trails too.
  8. TrailGunner

    rear fender

    Thanks for the info. Gotta pass on the white though, I'm switching back to red from black.
  9. TrailGunner

    rear fender

    Hey Guys where can you buy a mx style fender for an xr400? I've looked everywhere I can think of and haven't had any luck.