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  1. Yea it's possible. I have a bulging disk pinching my nerve that goes down my left leg. I thought 2 years ago I would have to have surgery. My orthopedic surgeon sent me to get a steriod epidural shot. Mine was so bad that when streching I could not straighten my leg. I could barely bend over to tie my shoes let alone ride any kind of motorcycle. I thought for sure I would be having surgery. Almost 3 years now and I just had another shot 6 months ago. It was starting to get bad again. After the first shot I did'nt have any back pain anymore. My pain/numbness now is down my leg. Hang in there. After your doctor looks at the MRI he should be able to point you in the right direction of treatment.
  2. First or dirt.
  3. I have ridden at Highland Park. It is pretty tight woods trails. I see how the 200 2 stroke could be the best bike for that type of trail/terrain. I would like to see this test taken to different woods trails/terrain. I think the results might be a little different at an another venue.
  4. www.brimstonerecreation.com
  5. Brimstone is in Huntsville too.
  6. Same for me, I took mine off.
  7. I hope so. They all were out almost the same amounts.In takes a little more. I'm not complaining, just did'nt expect to need to be adjusted so early. If I had bought a Honda I'd be getting a new top end already.
  8. Changed after every ride. I use twin, have two and switch them out.
  9. I have a blue needle I don't use. Also 180 and 185 mains I don't use from the JD kit.
  10. Got my valve clearences checked at the manuals 600mi. recomened interval. The bike is only 6 months old. My mechanic said he did'nt expect they would need reshimed so soon. Bike seemed to be getting harder to start when cold, everything I read here said valves getting tight. They were out of spec and in need of adjustment. Intakes were way tighter than exhaust but both needed adjustment. I thought yamaha has the best valve set up, that is the reason I bought blue. Question is, is this normal or did I get the one "lemon" yamaha made? How long should I go before getting them checked again and am I looking at a top end rebuild in the near future?
  11. I was in the same boat. 06 wr 250 and the 04-05 kit.I think YZF's should be the same as the WR's. Saw on a post here that 06's were needing to be leaner that 04-05 specs. Call JD jetting, they will get you the new directions.
  12. I got a tennessee dept. of safety sticker when I bought my off road bikes. I know you only need that to ride on state/federal land. You not being from Tn, I don't know if you could get one. Where are you planning on riding in Tenn?
  13. Just get a 06. Good Times had 2 of them on the floor 3 weeks ago. You think you need an 07 to keep up with me?
  14. All of their engine failures during Daytona were cam belts. Ducati insists on using cam belts instead of chains or gears like japanese companies.Desmo valves need more adjustments and maintenance but can do the 200. I have a friend that worked a few years ago with Fast By Ferracci Ducati. He always said if they could have ditched the damned cam belts for chains it would have been a much different outcome. Got to give them credit though , the ducs still did more laps than the harley VR 1000 or any buell ever will. P.S. Weird to talk roadracing overhere. I'm new to the dirt, just retired from roadracing.
  15. I have an 06, it's rejetted properly and and does the same for me. Starts fairly easy with the e-start though.