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  1. rjdenya

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    Thanks CJBROWN. Devildogg138, the resister plugs into the wire harness in the same place that the O2 sensor was. I think that is what you are asking.
  2. rjdenya

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    The p/u kit instillation is typically plug and play for the TE630 as others have commented. Again, assuming your dealer had properly set up your bike from the beginning, the p/u kit should cure the surging and stalling you're experiencing. My bike had the same symptoms and ran poorly prior to installing the p/u kit. Also, definitely remove the factory O2 sensor and plug the exhaust pipe. Your idle will most likely need to be manually adjusted to the factory spec of 1,650 +- 100 rpms. If your bike still runs poorly after installing the p/u kit then let us know. BTW, did you remove the air box baffle (labyrinth) from behind the foam air filter? It looks like a plastic mouse maze. Check and see if its there, if so remove it. Good luck and happy holidays to you as well.
  3. rjdenya

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    Ok, so please explain to me and everyone your expert wisdom. "Argumentative and ignorant" huh, nice. Grow up man. God forbid a member would dare disagree with your statements. I'm more than happy to participate in an informative, intellectual and fact based discussion. I won't bother responding to childish remarks with no real content.
  4. rjdenya

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    Sounds good! Buy the ibeat software and a JD tuner. You will have the ability to do exactly what you want to your bike without a dealer nearby. We can help you with settings on both devices. Good luck!
  5. rjdenya

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    Absolutely not true about ibeat software being "required," don't be misleading. It is not needed at all to gain performance assuming all was well with the bike from the factory/ dealer in the first place. How many TE630 and SMS630 owners run a Microsquirt ECU vs. a simple JD tuner?? I haven't read any that do or found a reason to do so. Not with a $206.00 piggy back style ECU fuel injection tuner readily available and proven in the field to work excellent. I wouldn't try and reinvent the wheel...especially since the only thing wrong with the oem ECU's map is it's so lean. The EPA has required Husky to keep their 50 state street legal bikes chocked up to meet strict emissions requirements in the U.S. The factory ECU maps are just fine for their intended purpose, just lean in the mid and high end. Let’s keep it simple here guys, our common goal is to get the most performance out of our single cylinder, throttle body fed EFI motorcycles. With a few bolt on parts the TE/SMS 630 responds extremely well. Last point to make is the following bizarre comment: "fugly band-aid fix." I really don't know what is meant here? For those of you who haven't seen a JD fuel tuner they are small, about the size of a few credit cards stacked together. There are some LED lights and buttons to make adjustments. The unit can be mounted pretty much anywhere on the bike its wires will allow. You know what's fugly to me...a laptop hanging off a motorcycle or hours in an expensive Dyno. My2c
  6. rjdenya

    Top Speed

    2011 Husky TE630, PU kit, JD tuner, opened up air box, Pirelli MT-21's front and rear, 14t-42t gearing and twin Leo Vince slip-ons. 101mph as indicated on the speedo. It's sketchy above 80mph on the street and there's no good reason to be going that fast on a "dirt" bike!
  7. rjdenya

    TE 630 Anybody-Just bought 1

    If you want the most performance out of your new TE630 do the following: JD Jetting 6x Power Surge EFI tuner, 14T counter sprocket, open up the air box (remove oem snorkel and drill holes) and loose the stock cat equipped mufflers. Your bike will be transformed from mild to wild. BTW, ibeat software is a diagnostic tool and an expensive one at that. If your local Husky dealer doesn't have ibeat software or they are too far away...and you need to diagnose a problem then get an ibeat. If you want to tap the hidden power in your lean efi bike then I'd highly recommend a JD tuner.
  8. rjdenya

    Blue head pipes

    They are stainless steel. I researched last night
  9. rjdenya

    Blue head pipes

    For the life of me I can't find out if my TE630 head pipes are titanium. Do you know if they are?? Is it in writing somewhere online??