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  1. sandfly

    Chain Press

    Are you talking about a tool to put the master together? If so, you don't need a tool. Get a "C" clamp and an 8mm socket. Use that to press the master together. It works great. Just go a little bit at a time until you get far enogh on that you can put the clip on. Don't go to far. Check it often. It works great.
  2. sandfly

    Recommend a spring for me: YZ 250 offroad

    I have a 5.4 shock and i'm 210# with all gear 8mm of preload and 101 sag. I like the shock rate. A stiff spring will feel take the harshness out of the shock
  3. sandfly

    Pinging and knocking????

    Get the carb sorted out before you ride it anymore. Very important
  4. sandfly

    Carb help !

    Get the bike running and then adjust the screw until the RPM's peak. So the motor is running strong and then take it for a ride. Turning it in creates a richer condition, turning it out leans the condition. If this doesn't help it could be something else in the circut. You have to identify wether its a lean or rich condition. Does the bike bog or surge. If so, the bike is lean.
  5. sandfly

    rear brake calliper wont close

    Your trying to open it aren't you? So the disc will fit between the pads. If this is the case, then get a thin blade screwdriver and carefully pry the pads appart until the gap is wide enough
  6. sandfly

    X ring question

    Yeah i just noticed that. I bought the gold 520RK X ring. Very nice chain indeed. Thanks
  7. sandfly

    X ring question

    I am wondering if I will have any issues with an RK X ring chain rubbing into my case on my 08 YZ250. Is anyone else running these? It looks like I have the clearance necessary. I would hate for any suprises on a brand new bike.
  8. Wow. Talk about an IED. You must run some heavy fork springs with that tank.
  9. sandfly

    2009 Yz250

    The power behind the crf is fun. It's too much for tight single track and hare scrambles. I will be faster on the 250 and it's much lighter. The 250 won't flame out. It won't overheat. For strictly track though there is nothing that will touch a 450. I would like to keep both. Each have there place. I can't wait to see the 250 2st go against the 250 4rs
  10. sandfly

    2009 Yz250

    I just bought a 08. I sold my 06 crf450. Do you notice quite a bit of handlebar vibration?
  11. sandfly

    cracks in sleeve and head!?!

    Not a chance Let someone look at it that would know
  12. If you keep doing it you will develop a resistance. This way you do not have to buy a new tank
  13. How many of you guys own enclosed trailers that you can back into your garage for storage. My garage door is only 7' high and most of the trailers you can purchase are in the 6' 11" - 7'-3'' range. I would hate to buy one of these things and not be able to get it into the garage. Wells cargo makes one that is 6'-11''. Thats cutting it pretty close though. Not sure what to do.
  14. Ok. So I just pulled it all appart to check the spring length and carefully measure the spring preload and I am at exactly 8mm.