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  1. I am planning on taking them out and painting them or cleaning them up after i get the engine mounted. I am considering painting them black to add to the red. Not sure yet????
  2. Well its been a year since i last posted about the restore of the cr. I haven't had the time to work on the bike till about a month ago. Since then, been working on the bike everynight. So far, blasted the frame and engine and all painted parts. Painted the engine and had all of the painted parts powder coated, including the frame. Polished the lower triple tree clamp and installed new neck bearings. Now onto the front forks and wheels and swing arm. Here are some pictures so far.
  3. My rear brake keeps on locking up on me when i hit the brake. I have installed new pads and new springs. I have adjusted the rod and arm. Still locks up when i apply heavy rear brake. Any ideas??
  4. I attempted to polish tonight, but am not happy with the results. First i blasted the triple clamp with 800 grit fine sand in the sandblaster. Then i started to polish it. I can get some of it polished out where i like it, but am having a hell of a time getting it all to look the same. You can see that it looks good in some places, then really dull in some places. I am using two types of compound. One that is used for roughing and one that is for fine polishing. Here is the tool that i am using After i was done, i used some carb cleaner to clean off the left over rubbing compound. Not sure if that was the right thing to do. Tomorrow i am thinking i am going to try to use some Mothers
  5. Redoing a 81 cr 250. Would like to polish all of the alum. What is the best way to polish old alum? Thanks Aaron
  6. Man i feel like a real dumb ass, I can't figure out what my brake problem is. I have a 280 and notice the front brake was really soft. I took the brake apart and notice that the pucks were not moving, froze up. I ended up getting them out and pulled the seals. Cleaned the housing out and ordered new pucks and seals. I can't get the pucks back into the housing with the new seals, without tearing the seals. I have tried everything. Oil, a little grease, running the seals under hot water. Nothing works. I put the pucks in without the seals and everything fits and looks good. Put the seals in and pucks go in very tight, too tight. When i go get the puck in, i notice it tears the seal. What the hell am i doing wrong?? What is the trick to getting those in. I will have to order more seals and don't want to tear the next ones. How tight should those pucks be? Can you put those in by hand or do you have to press them?
  7. I have the front brake on my gasgas 280 that is leaking. It was froze up and i took everything apart, now it leaks out of one puck. What does gasgas offer as a rebuild kit?
  8. I have a 08 KLR with 2700 miles on it, with the soft KLR saddle bags and tail bag. Have new 606 tires on it and have the tall windshield. I am asking 3700 for it and it seems that i can't move it at all. I have had alot of trades for it, but want to just sell it. Am i asking to much? what should i ask for it to move it?
  9. Thought i could test the t stat better then just unplugging the fan wires. I wanted to see if i could test to see if it opens or closes the curcuit.
  10. Hey Horse 1200, i just bought a 2000 280 Friday and the one thing that it is doing is the fan isnt running. It runs when you jump the wires together. My question is, how did you check the T stat?
  11. You know, that is one thing I haven't checked. I haven't done anything yet witht it. Planning on doing something with it in the next week. Will keep you guys posted
  12. I can smell the oil in the smoke. I have been riding for a long time. I know the difference between a cold pipe and oil in the exhaust. Its burning oil some how.
  13. My crf 230 started puffing smoke Sunday during start up. Once it warmed up that oil smoke goes away. I rode the bike Friday and it didn't do it. The only thing that i have done was put on a Bill's exhaust Wednesday. Started it up tonight and same thing, puffs white oil smoke. Has anyone had this problem? I am thinking maybe valve guides? Thanks
  14. Well....I am going to try to fully restore this 1981 CR 250. I have two bike in peices and am hoping i can make one awsome bike. This will be my first bike that i am going to try to fully restore. I will keep updating as i go. This is what i want it to look like.
  15. My crank bearing went out on my 96 410. Which year of TE 410 cranks can i put in. Will an 2001 fit??