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  1. trailsweep

    EVO or Devol ?

    First off, I would like to say thank you guys for standing behind my work!!! Suspension tuners main job, is to interpret what the customer wants, or decipher the information that we get. Every suspension tuner has their own "specialty" in the way that they tune the suspension. And I respect my fellow tuners. I think each person that does suspension tuning I have met throughout the years have been upright people just like the ones mentioned in this topic. In my opinion, if you are comfortable with the person that you are having do your suspension or bike work, then you have found the right person for you. We all try to do the best we can at what we are given. Speaking for myself, if anyone is ever unhappy with my work, then I will make it right, no compromise, just give me a chance to make it right . Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for all that let me work on their pride and joy, because to me when a customer or a friend takes it out for the first ride and has a huge grin on their face its all worth it!!!! Thanks again guys and gals!!! TBT Northwest Division.
  2. trailsweep

    Les Tinius Heart Attack - Fund Raiser

    I would like to throw this out. I would be willing to help everyone out while Les is getting back on his feet. If Anyone is in a bind I can pic up the slack for Les and if you guys just cover the parts and oil I will then donate all the labor back to Les so that he and his family are not so strapped . Hope this can help Les out and everyone else. Before taking over TBT and racing here in the NW I heard Les"s name a lot and how people loved his stuff so I can come to a conclusion that Les is an upright kind or guy and would be willing to help him out. This not a scheme to take over his stuff its just what I can do to help out!
  3. trailsweep

    Suspension Work in Seattle Tacoma area?

    I am in Federal way everyday and can meet people with there needs. Let me know if I can help . 1-360-863-3528
  4. trailsweep

    KTM shock rebuild Where?

    Mike , If you would like to have Dan do your stuff and you have rode one of his bikes and loved his settings go for it. Just because we know each other doesn't mean that you have to have me do your suspension. Its not like I'm going to be pissed or have a grudge against you. 90 % of the battle of adjusting someones suspension is interpreting what the customer wants or how they like the suspension set up. I have heard that Dan is a great guy and does great work ! If you need my help or if some else does your suspension and you still need my help let me know or give me a call ! No worries and thanks for giving it so much though. Its very cool that everyone has taken so well to have me doing suspension work and taking over TBT Northwest , and for that I thank everyone! Braaaaaaaaaaap!!
  5. trailsweep

    Shane Watts rides Idaho in new Moto 3 video

    I LOVE IDAHO! You guys have some of the funnest trails! Thank to all!!
  6. trailsweep

    24 Hour race reports, pics and everything else

    I think they also had two 40 plus age riders in that team.
  7. trailsweep

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge

    Let us know how the weight on the forks feel at speed..other than that looks killer!
  8. GREAT COURSE !! Great job Scott! the new single track was awesome and the use of the existing was just the right amount of open and tight stuff ! The zook was diggin the terrain !
  9. Damn it Scott! You had to put the endurocross section in just to "f " with me:banghead: Your going to heear about that one...
  10. Ya know I'll be there helping my friends out!
  11. trailsweep

    ISDE-Fundraiser GP/HS July 31 Straddleline

    Damn now i'm bummed that i'm going to Canada
  12. trailsweep

    Team Tortoise Mega Crown Round 4 July 17th Hannegan.

  13. trailsweep

    2011 cowbell

    Ha! i've burned plenty! but you know me
  14. trailsweep

    Team Tortoise Mega Crown Round 4 July 17th Hannegan.

    I think your guys races suck and everyone should stay away!!