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    Yello all, Yes, I am grieving as well at our loss. What the hell am I going to do at work now? Nice to see all the familiar faces though in an unfamiliar setting. Also need to extend thanks to Joey . . . a great guy, with far more motivation than I Whatever the reason, it's cool with me. Smooth, if you ever want Connie to ride a cycle again, you won't take her to Pearson. Just my two cents. DJ will be missed. I'm Donaldthump on this site, former husband of Ivana. ~Davidthump
  2. Hey all, HELP! Well, I figured I would try a fork oil change - seemed easy enough. Everything went smoothly but now that the forks are back together I here some noise if I shake them gently side to side. Is that normal? I did not notice it before the oil change. Was I just not paying attention, or did I mess something up during reassembly. All that I removed during the process was the top cap, and removed that from the cartridge. I removed the bottom cap and the spring, and then the cartridge out the top. I put it back together the same way. Ideas? Many thanks, D.
  3. DonaldThump

    Help with 525 EXC - too lean

    Hey Dave, Appreciate the help. I have an OCEMN on order, and a 158 main. I did get the thing to run, and that was the main concern for the moment. I put a 180 main in it, and put the 48 in it after taking it out, put the needle to the richest setting, and the fuel screw to 2 1/4 turns, and it runs alright. No more backfire, and throttle response was quite good. Looking forward to getting it set up properly though. I was going to price out the CRF diaphram/cover - is it a less expensive option versus the Quick Shot? The varnish came off for the most part. I took the bike for a ride tonight for the first time, and was impressed with the powerband. Thanks again!
  4. DonaldThump

    Help with 525 EXC - too lean

    This is an 03 that has 16 hours on it. The fellow (being kind here) that had it took it on a trail ride, and then just on his property - long driveway. The tires show some evidence of some street riding too. Aside from those 16 hours, it sat in a shed for 1600 hours (a year or so). The dude never drained the float bowl, but did drain the tank. I have the 10 hour service records for it, and the dealer replaced the jet at that time. When I got it, it would not run. I cleaned the carb, changed the oil and got it to start. Flames and whatnot are where I'm at. It will fire on first kick (haven't gotten around to charging the battery - the failed attempts killed it). There is no ugly valvetrain noise, and no ugly smoke. The oil was dirty, but not awful. The airfilter was full of mouse crap (along with the rest of the bike), but they did not chew through the filter. I don't think it was run in that state either. It was put away dirty and you could tell it had not been touched.
  5. Well, I have yet to try the air/fuel mixture screw, but will try that today, now that I have something to turn that ridiculously placed screw with. Anyway, well, I bought this bike a few days ago, and apparently the dealer did some jetting guessing. I am at 890 ft above sea level, and weather here is in the 60s and damp (though today is dry). Per the previous owner, the dealer threw in a 48 pilot to try to correct a running problem (would only run with the choke). I plan to adjust the air mixture today, and will try to determine whether the pilot circuit is the issue. It is definitely lean, throwing flames and backfiring. Nice display, and I'm sure the neighbors love it. Just wondering - what needle am I supposed to use here? Is this thing gonna run stock? Is the pilot circuit the issue? More to come. I'll post the results of the fuel screw later today.
  6. DonaldThump

    Newbie Orange Bike Convert 525 Won't Run

    Hey Thanks MotoChris52, jmr17x I figured I would get very good advice quickly on this site. I always had excellent experiences on the CRF forum, and seems likewise here. Raining, raining, raining here, so looks like a good day for wrenching. Say, I was a bit concerned about corrosion - if the coil or CDI were corroded, would it run at all?? Once I got rid of that bad gas, it fired right away - and actually it ran with the choke on OK, until it started to warm up a bit. So . . . my thoughts were carburator, and I definitely will go through that today. I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. Hey all, I bought a 525 EXC today (and probably selling the Honda). It's an 03 with only 16 hours on it, but it has had a hard life. The thing was full of mouse *@#@$&, and some bird #@$# too, but you can tell the hours were right, cause there is no pitting on the frame, and there is not a scratch on the plastic, etc. The header is a bit rusted, but corrosion is not that bad on the rest of the bike. Well, the guy let it sit for about a year, but supposedly, the gas was drained out of the tank. He put fresh gas in it, and when I came to look at it, it turned over, but would not fire. I bought it, took it home and drained the float bowl, and put a fresh air filter on it (cause it was full of mouse crap - my buddy loaned me one - not a mouse turd - a clean filter from his 400 EXC). I got it to start , and revved it once with the choke on. It killed if I turned off the choke, and bogs if you touch the throttle. It did not smoke (so I assume the head is fine), and there was no valve train noise. Since it obviously is getting spark, I have a carb problem right? The gas that came out of the carb was UGLY! Not gunky, but very yellow. Haven't seen gas like that before. Do you think if I clean the carb I'll be alright? It was in a shed that must have been on the moist side. There is corrosion here and there, but not terrible. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. DonaldThump

    Ugly, ugly gear oil

    Thanks guys. Throttlejockey/Fred - I definitely will reroute that tube. Should I do anything else at this point? Or if I go for a short ride, change it, and if it clears up am I OK? Another thing that struck me late yesterday too was that I noticed the smallest bit of whitish oil on the top of the valve cover when I checked the valve clearance that day. I do clear the capped breather regularly. I suppose water could have entered from a number of places. The crossing was deep, but not deep enough for water to enter from the airbox (aside from splashing), but plenty deep for that breather to suck water. I have seen a number of crazy looking reroutes of the breather tubes (some with all of the tubes collecting in a small can secured to the frame or swing arm???). I'll search the forums, but if there are any other tips, they'd be appreciated. THIS SITE ROCKS!!! As always, thanks guys for helping out.
  9. DonaldThump

    Exhaust delema

    Check eBay for CHM - someone is selling Ti systems cheap. I bought one and love it.
  10. DonaldThump

    Ugly, ugly gear oil

    OK, I hate water crossings for many reasons, but now I have another reason to hate them. I changed my gear oil today after two rides. The ride before last had several water crossings, around a foot and a half or so. Anyway, today when changing the gear lube, it was a nasty grey color, and when I first loosened the bolt, it appeared some lovely water was weeping out. I am running Honda 80/85 gear lube - will this stuff turn grey when mixed with water? Anyone else had this happen? I was also slipping the clutch alot on the one ride, but I didn't think it was that often. The gear oil did not seem to smell burned. Should I tear the motor down?? I drained it really well, replaced the lube, and have my fingers crossed.
  11. DonaldThump

    Axle grease

    Can molybdenum grease be used on an axle?? It won't damage the dust seals will it? I assume the dust seals on the wheel are the same as those on the linkage and swingarm, right? Thanks!
  12. DonaldThump

    Censorship on competing website??

    Well, maybe dazed and confused . . . and perhaps mistaken . . . The one thing I was mistaken about was where I saw the article that had the negative review of the iCAT. I thought that review was on this site, and that is why I posted here. In any case, on the site where I originally asked about this device, the thread with the link to the CRFs only website was deleted as far as I can tell. And also, iCAT is an advertiser on that website, and there also is a favorable review on the site for the device. Hmmm. I was looking for dyno testing with and without the device, and no one put forth any results. Apparently the GBsixT has been around a while, and if you want one with that name, they are selling those cheap on eBay. And sorry for not posting this in the general section. That was where it probably belonged.
  13. DonaldThump

    Censorship on competing website??

    OK, first a disclaimer. The opinions represented in the following link are those of the author of the article, and not those of donaldthump (nor his wife, Ivana). http://crfsonly.com/reviews/icat/icat-crf230f-crf250x-review.php
  14. DonaldThump

    Censorship on competing website??

    I happened to ask about a product advertised on another website (one which is touted to increase HP). I saw one on eBay under a different name, and when I did a search under that name, I came across a review that was not so favorable, and that provided some measured evidence . . . So, I put a response on that site with a link to the review. My response was deleted. So, watch what you say, because the sponsors are!! And now I've done it, because I use the same username on the other site. Nice knowing you all. Who's that in the car out in front of my house?
  15. DonaldThump

    Carb fuel inlet

    Thanks. That's what I figured. Just making sure.