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  1. About ready for a new bike! I'm pretty small, 5' 5" and 120lbs. Yes, I know. I've been looking, doing my homework for some time now and have been stumped. I can not decide between the WR250 or Honda's 250x. Both great bikes I've heard of the X being washy, loose in the front, yet i've also heard of the WR being boggy..... If i were to get the WR I would immediately add a QuickShot. I need some well experienced, and some-what unbiased opinions. Thanx all Cheers!
  2. Ove, you have my condolences. Really too bad. I wish you the best of luck! May peace and prosperity rule over you. LOL!!!
  3. Ok, that helps! NE1 else got comments?
  4. Monochrome is fine. I've used one a few times. If you have the extra money, color would definitely be preferable.
  5. In my opinion, colored tires are a little over the edge.... maybe colored knobs.... yeah, I don't know....
  6. yeah, it has to do with emiissions/noise levels. Tree huggers say that in a few years, red stickers will be banned except for closed-course. But hey, I'm all for 4-strokers!!! LOL to all you cr,kx,mx,yz, etc. fans!
  7. Hey, I'm lookin to get an '06 Yamaha WR250. Anyone had one, or anythin? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!! Thanx much