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  1. rsurace

    Fabric oil filter on a Foam filter

    just say no........
  2. rsurace

    Rider WEIGHT to Suspension Settings

    I am riding a 2006 KX250F and i think the 07 has a different suspension setup but here are my thoughts on this. I am 195 in the morning before coffee and around 205 with all gear on. I wear full protection, impact rig etc.......i have found that with the stock springs and riding beginner to intermediate motocross that i almost never hard bottom the bike and i short the longer tabletops that are 40+ feet long so those are hard landings. I see people that are constantly saying go with the stiffer springs but even sites like Mx-Tech and Race Tech that have spring calculators indicate that for riders of this weight that the stock spring rates are whats recommended. Now if you are a B+ to Pro level rider i'm sure you would want stiffer springs and total custom suspension work. So i would be honest to yourself and think what type of rider you really are and then if there is something wrong or the bike is not handling the way you want then seek out what's best to resolve that for you. In good loamy dirt i run the following settings which are working really well right now. sag = 103mm (spec is 102-105 so right in the middle and free sag is still good) free sag = 32 mm (almost maxed out but still within spec) fork comp = 5 out fork rebound = 9 out shock HS comp = 1 turn out shock LS comp = 5 out shock rebound = 6 out If i had to go below 30mm to hit the correct sag then you need a stiffer spring, but i did not. At least that's what the galactic wizard suspension gurus all say? All that probably means nothing to a pro rider right? I think for deeper loamy conditions i may go to 4 or 5 out on the shock rebound and for harder pack more like 5-7. Somehow those rebound settings seem to make the rear end somewhat stiffer which is good for corner acceleration and fast straights stability which also seems to help load the front more on entrance to the corners. i have had the rebound set as high as 14-15 and it made the bike very lively and responsive but also too busy and not enough traction in the thicker stuff. At least thats what it feels like to me and your feeling of what the bike is doing may be different, this is just my .02 opinions. Best thing is to keep experimenting with it all and again if something is not right then go fix it.
  3. rsurace

    any recommendations for raising the handlebars?

    Thanks to all, looks like the applied bar mounts are perfect, i measured and compared the stock mounts against the applied mounts and they would raise the bars about a 1/2". That would probably do it for me since i'm around 6'1".
  4. I am looking for risers or tall bar mount recommendations for a 2006 KX250F. I want to keep the stock bars and top clamp and was hoping that someone makes a good tall bar mount for this bike?? I already rolled the bars forward some in the mounts which does help but i need a little more height than that. Anything out there for this??
  5. I just had some new sprockets installed and stock was 13T 48T but i just noticed the new sprockets are 13T and 49T. Is that a good combo for more torque or quick acceleration out of corners??
  6. rsurace

    Carolina Adventure World

    If the trails are really "2 way" i will never go there "period"!! D-Town is not that much farther away and was a very safe well monitored place to ride.
  7. rsurace

    Need Help with Valve clearence check and shim

    I have read other posts that said something about the cam gear shifting if the motor locked up??? But i don't even know if that's possible??
  8. So when did A* mod the booties? 2006 or 2007? Even the older booties feel great and support my ankles very well. I think both designs are very good. I kept spraining my right ankle if i cased or came up short so i was riding with an ankle brace in my Tech 4's which helped a lot. But now with the Tech 10's i rode without the brace since the booties do the work very well.
  9. Great, so a dealer sells me a pair of 04-05 boots as 06's at top dollar. My biggest concern is getting the best ankle support i can get so i'm taking them right back and asking them to order the newest ones. What i can't believe is they never mentioned they were older models. I guess i need to do more homework next time. Thanks for helping me figure this out. Hopefully they will swap them out. Only rode once and not even a week old. Rich
  10. Yes they came with that, but...on the A* site the shape of the plastic ankle support is different than the ones i have on my inner booties. Mine are straighter looking torsion bars with ST stamped on them. So i'm wondering which design is the newest? The ones in the photos on the A* site or the ones i got in my brand new boots purchased last week?? I just want to know if the bootie design has been improved and make sure i have the best and recent technology on my feet. I also want to be sure i did not pay top dollar for last years model.
  11. I just bought a pair of Tech 10's and my inner bootie has torsion bars with ST stamped on them. The AlpineStars Website has a photo that shows a different wider ankle brace than the ones i have. So do i have an older model Tech 10 inner bootie or a newer one? Seems like they changed the design at some point. I just want to make sure i got the latest and greatest and not an older model boot since i just bought them brand new from a shop here in Charlotte NC. BTW the boots are awesome when riding and have way more support and feel than my old Tech 4's.
  12. rsurace

    Some oily film on left fork leg?

    I used an old negative strip i had and swiped it up under the seal and around the fork legs a couple of times. That seemed to do the trick, great idea and thanks for the advice!
  13. rsurace

    Some oily film on left fork leg?

    Very cool, i will have to try that. A buddy of mine blew a fork seal and i saw oil drops forming on the fork lip and i definitely don't have that much oil coming out so for sure i will give your idea a try. Thanks! Rich
  14. rsurace

    Some oily film on left fork leg?

    I just started noticing that my left fork leg on my 2006 KX250F is leaving some dirty or oily film on the fork leg. Nothing is dripping but its definitely a little wet. Bike has about 50+ hours on it. Are my fork seals going? How soon should i get this fixed if its the seal? Right fork still looks normal. Any advice much appreciated.
  15. rsurace

    NC Rider Connection Thread

    Rich Mooresville, NC Iron City MX - fav track, closed for now Thunder Valley MX - best family place to ride Top Gun MX - if its ever open Center Road - when you wanna jump a lot Durhamtown and Aiona Pass MX in GA - great places to ride but a little far:thumbsup: I ride with my 4 boys mostly on tracks.