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  1. mudhog426

    STOLEN YZ426F, Gastonia N.C.

    Thanks, but no, niether one is mine. I'll keep prowling around as I'm sure the theives are trying to let things cool down. I'll keep doing my best to keep the heat on. Thank you for the help.
  2. mudhog426

    STOLEN YZ426F, Gastonia N.C.

    Thanks for all those keeping an eye out. I have been to as many bike shops, dealers and pawn shops as I can find. I am constantly checking and rechecking every place i can get to where people ride. I am passing the word on to as many people as I can. I have friends, friends of friends, relatives, etc. all looking. Nobody likes a theif and it really pisses people off when they find out that I am losing my job due to a plant closure. I had already decided that if need be, I would sell my bike to help support my family til I could locate work again. Whoever stole my bike has really screwed themself because neither myself or others will be giving up the search for a good long while. For those keeping an eye out, here's the VIN # JYACJ01C32A026961. I would only try to remember the last 4 or 5 digits. For what it's worth, I'll make it well worth a person's time if they can help me locate the person(s) who stole it and/or the bike. Irregardless, I wish a very merry Christmas to all TTR's.
  3. mudhog426

    STOLEN YZ426F, Gastonia N.C.

    Thanks for the link jfreake13 but, no, that's not it. Believe me, I'm covering several online ad listing services, newspapers, etc. Liscense plate numbers are being recorded, pictures taken etc. I wasn't kidding when I said I'll find out who got it. I may not get the bike back but I will get satisfaction.
  4. mudhog426

    STOLEN YZ426F, Gastonia N.C.

    Believe me guys, when the theif is found out, he/they will be dealt with. I am currently waiting for the fingerprint results to be completed as the police were able to get a few good ones. Hopefully, they'll have someone in their data base. I have done everything I can think of to make it as hard as possible for them to dump the bike. I can't even begin to tell you how it feels to have a friend ask you if you suspect them and you have to tell them that you don't know. I have had the finger pointed at a certain individual and he did ask some odd questions as I talked with him. I'll find out more I'm sure. I will offer this bit of advice to all who are keeping up with this thread. First, check how you're securing your bike(s). Make it as difficult as you can for a theif to get your bike. Second, double check with your insurance company and see if your bike is covered for theft. My insurance would have covered my bike if my building had burned and it was damaged/destroyed. They will not cover it being stolen (despite what my agent told me originally). There is coverage available but unfortunately, I didn't think I needed it.
  5. mudhog426

    STOLEN YZ426F, Gastonia N.C.

    I will try to get some on here. The bike is stock in appearance but is missing the shrouds (off bike when stolen). The exhaust cap had been replaced with the stinger type Pro Moto Billet End Cap and slip in Silencer, all sealed with ORANGE silicone sealer. The CDI Box had the dealer's sticker( Triangle Motorcycles) still on it when stolen. The front fender had Thumpertalk.Com stickers on it. The VIN # is JYACJ01C32A026961. The valve caps had been replaced with annodized blue aluminum caps also. There was a Christian "Jesus Fish" sticker on the rear fender (not what you'd expect on a mx bike). I don't expect these identifiers to stay on the bike except maybe the VIN. In all reality, I don't expect to get my bike back but eventually, I WILL find out who was involved and justice/payback will be dealt.
  6. My 2002 YZ426F was stolen from my home on 12/9. It was taken from my outbuilding after the thief/theives cut through a chain and a locked door hasp. They specifically wanted my bike because they passed over taking my Harley among other things. All indications point to this being done by someone who I personally know. As I and my family are pretty well known and thought of in both the law enforcement and motorcycling communities, there are a lot of angry people actively looking for my bike and the guilty parties. There is a reward/bounty for anyone who can directly lead me to those responsible. If anyone in the N.C./S.C./Tenn./Ga. areas should happen to come across a "too good to be true" deal on a 426 or 426 parts, please contact me at mudhog426@att.net. Remember that if they stole my bike, they'll steal yours too. Please help catch these scumbags if you can.
  7. mudhog426

    Who armor alls their bike tires???

    Try using JOY dishwashing liquid. After you wipe it on, it will dry to a shine but won't attract the dust. Given, it will wash off whenever you hit the first water puddle. I do it occassionally and it helps whenever I clean the bike's tires off after a ride.
  8. Odds are and it's statistically supported that it is more dangerous to ride than to drive. Whether you look at it from the lack of physical protection or the unobservant driver, it doesn't really change things. Before you even roll the first inch on the street, you need to accept that the possibility of a mishap occurring is very real. If you can't do that, stick to riding on dirt. If you can, then realize that the burden of you safely enjoying the street experience lies directly on you. How mature you conduct yourself and how aware of your surroundings you learn to be will add miles to your riding. Everyone who rides long enough will have their' share of close calls. Some crash, others end up cleaning out their' underwear from time to time. A fortunate number won't have any troubles while riding. Noone can tell what their experience will be but those who have ridden any time at all will have their' fair share of war stories to tell. Am I trying to scare you, nope. Street riding can be one of your best experiences to have. Just don't approach it with the attitude of "it can't/won't happen to me". Stay within your skill level and never allow yourself to become complacent with your surroundings. I'll be the first one to welcome you to the next level of motorcycling. Ride safe!
  9. What if you were the supplier? Wouldn't you want the buyer to let you know? Maybe this happening once won't effect his business, but what if this wasn't an honest mistake? What if it's an unknown glitch in his system? Letting him know may very well prevent him from going under. Who knows? By doing the RIGHT thing may lead to unexpected blessings down the road. Believe me, there are lots of people who are looking for good, HONEST people and may have a opportunity waiting for the right one. I have learned from experience that you will always reap what you sow, everytime.
  10. mudhog426

    Electric Dirt Bike

    Don't know which bike(s) you guys are referring to but Zero Motorcycles offers one that, while it isn't the same as a gas powered bike, isn't too shabby. It's called the Zero X and looks pretty fun. I saw it on the preview of "Mean Green" being tested against the YZ250F, the designer's choice of bench mark bike (sorry Honda, Kawi, Suzuki). It actually didn't do too bad. They set four catagories; Jumping, Acceleration, Cross Country and Hillclimb. The YZF won all but the cross country event and only beat the Zero X by 1mph in the acceleration event. Given, there were really too many variables allowed to get a truly accurate test but I was impressed none the less. I went to the company's website to find out a little more info. The bike is available in a regular($7450) and hi-power($8350) versions. It has a 40 mile range, recharges in 2 hours and only costs about $.40 a recharge. While I would never replace my gas bike with the Zero X, I wouldn't mind making it a new addition to it.
  11. mudhog426

    Electric Dirt Bike

    Are you guys refering to the new show called "Mean Green" due to start being a series on the new "Planet Green" channel?
  12. mudhog426

    broke my back

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery! Judging by the pics, it seems that it should have been more serious. Any concussion? I know you said you didn't remember shutting off the bike. God was definitely looking out for you that day due to the few injuries you suffered. Glad you weren't hurt more seriously.
  13. mudhog426

    Best GasGas parts supplier?

    Thanks guys! Any help he can get is truly appreciated.
  14. mudhog426

    450 V.s. 250

    Depends if you're just learning the track layout or truly practicing. If you know the layout, why wouldn't you practice on what you're going to race on? I've never heard of any pro practicing on something different for fear of getting accurate results (e.g. power difference between 250 vs. 450 = different gear for a particular jump, different landing point, etc). I've always been advised to practice/train just like you'll race.
  15. Common sense should tell you that if they can't even start off smoothly, they don't need to be out in traffic. Period. Riding on the street is great fun but still serious business. Balking off the line with a semi barreling down on you is no fun at all. For some people, just one close call is all it takes for them to hang up the helmet and miss out on a lifetime of fun.