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  1. fl-cracker

    Seal Savers

    Get the full length ones rather than half length or you won't keep the dirt out.
  2. fl-cracker

    DR650 17" Supermoto gearing?

    The diameter/circumference of the SM tires is smaller (even 150 - 160) than the stock tires. This equals about 7% on my conversion so I got a gearing reduction by the tire change equal to about 1 tooth on the countershaft. I went from a 14 back to a 15 with the Distanza 150/60/17 SM.
  3. fl-cracker

    Rubber fork boots or seal skins?

    They make short ones and full length ones (sealskins). I like the full length as none of the fork leg is ever exposed so looks good and no dirt can get in. Also if you bought the full length and cut them in half you would have two sets of short ones.
  4. fl-cracker

    Wider Rear Tire

    I ran a 150 Tourance on the stock rim for 1000 miles. It felt fine.
  5. Thanks for the hints on riding style. With the exception of adverse handling issues, there is no way this thing is going to have more effect on power or braking than an average sized passenger. I still think I can come pretty close to 100 lbs. gross weight. A report will certainly follow. It feels like it does have more effect. When accelerating out of a corner mine feels like it is helping pull you it to a sharper corner and braking while cornering tends to stand you up. These effects are not hard to deal with but they feel different than just a load on the bike. I wish I had a picture of the bottled water delivery trailer in the Yucatan on the Honda 90. It was a gooseneck to a std ball on the luggage rack. I bet he could feel that one.
  6. fl-cracker

    Fat Tire (not the beer!)

    I have a 150-60 Distanza SM on mine currently and it fits with just a slight rub but it would be too wide for the stock rim (according to the book).
  7. fl-cracker

    Trailer lights drive me nuts

    The little test plug that plugs into the truck 4 way connector and has 3 LEDs for tail light and turn cost $5. It doesn't replace a meter for all problems but it's dang handy to know that the output is there before attacking the trailer.
  8. fl-cracker

    What is the best GPS for a bike?

    I bought a Garmin bicycle mount (cheap and worked OK) for my old III+. It came with a spring spacer that goes between the top and bottom set of the AA batteries and completely solved the (hit a bump - reset) problem.
  9. fl-cracker

    DR650 Seal savers install q

    I used the full length and they stay all the way up to the bottom of the triple tree all the time. This looks like the better way to keep dirt out. My special problem was my fork brace; it only left about .5 inch to secure the neoprene to the sliders and they slipped off when riding so I put a strip of "grip tape" there and all has been good for a year. You could buy full length and cut them in half for a spare set if you like the "shorties".
  10. fl-cracker

    Street Only Tires What to buy?

    Avon Distanza SM (softer compound) 120/70/17 front, 150/60/17 rear, Excel wheels. Rear is not going to give high mileage as wear is evident after 1000 miles.
  11. fl-cracker

    Do seal savers work ok?

    You zip tie them to the lower fork legs. Ziping them at the top is a good idea if they start to sag in the future. The short ones have to slide with the lower legs however.
  12. fl-cracker

    I was riding in the woods the other day and....

    Don't run over nothing bigger than what you can eat in one sitting.
  13. fl-cracker

    Do seal savers work ok?

    They come in long and short versions. I have the long ones and they go all the way up to the triple tree with the forks extended, works good. the stock bellows have holes in them to breathe, they gota suck stuff in.
  14. fl-cracker

    Tuning the 39mmFCR for DR650

    Thanks for the blazing fast response Burned. So it sounds like I got burned! Is there a market for this one? (specific bikes?)
  15. fl-cracker

    Tuning the 39mmFCR for DR650

    And it looks like an electrical connection on the side over what could be an accelerator pump???