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  1. Yamaha

    Ya preds can wheelie pretty easy kinda like the raptor 660 and the z400!
  2. Honda

    ya i know..why did honda and yamaha do that?..STUPID!
  3. Yamaha

  4. Yamaha

    The stock FCR is a great carb for what it is.Should've got a lectron!!hahaha
  5. Yamaha

    Not Out Yet!!!!
  6. Yamaha

    Yes you can.Only if you get a tire that will accept a 9' rim!...Why don't you just get som douglas 125.'s?...What type of riding are you going to be doing?..If hillclimbs are your thing then i would get some 21's or 22's.
  7. Yamaha

    Ya your lean!!!...Are you runnig the stock header?
  8. Yamaha

    I run a big gun evo but if i were to get a new one i would get a sparks big core!..Ohh i also voted sparks.
  9. Yamaha

    well did you try cleaning up the carb and takin it apart and checking?..And maybe try adjusting the idle screw.
  10. Yamaha

    Ya i usually change mine every 3-5 times!..Most of the time every three cause i ride that thing hard!
  11. Yamaha

    So where'd you get that at?..How much did it cost?
  12. Yamaha

    For mx i wouldn't go with the -6 flywheel.Now if it were for the dunes it would be awsome but not for mx from what i read on yfzcentral.
  13. Yamaha

    Thanx man!...Ill be sure to turn my gas off at all timesnow!(other than when riding!)
  14. Yamaha

    I think for that distance which you said 250 miles i would go with the yfz but if it were for the 500 or 1000 i would go with the Rappy!...They are both nice bikes but i perferr the yfz.Well maybe because i own one?
  15. Yamaha

    I would look at a sparks big core or a ron woods system!...Awsome top end on the woods!..Ohhh also take a look at the ESR!