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  1. Thankyou,just went out and tryed it.WOHOOO!7 out of 10 atemps were sucsessfull.......
  2. come on people,,,,,,,,,ALL I GET IS ONE choke?no gas? no primer kicks?
  3. Thank you.......
  4. All rite guys,Last month i purchased my first four stroke"04 tc 450" I've put aprox 80 mi on the bike.Had the kick kit put in and out of many atemps,hundreds of kicks sweating, and cussing ,ive only got it to fire up twice.HELP theres has to be a method.This thing has crazy compresion..........My arch cant take any more...............So help this X two stroke guy.
  5. Try "up tite"Husky in santa ana,ca.Was there on sat mornig he said he was gettig some in that daybut i dont know what models.
  6. I just put a scotts on my tc 450,weld on from brp.I just followed the instuction suplied,seemed scary but went smooth.MIG weld not all at once to help keep the bearings cool.