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  1. TerryWilson

    XR400 Doesn't go after re-assembly

    And another question - does the spark fire for every rotation of the crank so that there is a waste spark on every second rotation or is the CDI system actually cleverer than that?
  2. Just fitted new rings to the XR4 and had the valves done. Now it won't start; have tried roll starting it but still can't get more than a couple of pops. One thing that did happen was - when we were re-assembling we didn't pay attention to which way the lobes faced on the cam before we removed it. It is installed onto the cam sprocket with the lobes facing down with the face that says Out at the top. (The third middle line is pointing straight down). I have lined up the piston to the T mark in the inspection cover. The only obvious problem I can see is that the horizontal lines are about a degree out when the T mark is lined up; it seems to sit ok but as soon as the cam chain tensioner comes on it goes wonky again - I have tried gradually letting it out but still no joy. Any ideas much appreciated. - It was running when it cam eapart; bit smokey and not a great starter but it was running - Have tried the CAM both ways up; the manual doesnt actually say what orientation the Cam should be in relation to that sprocket so I'm wondering if that really matters - Have checked valve clearences and disconnected manual decomp I have noticed that its really hard to kick over when it gets up to TDC, its a 96 XR400 and I thought the auto decomp would make it ok - any thoughts? We never disassembled the decomp system on the Cam. Thanks
  3. TerryWilson

    98 Klx300

    Thanks for the feedback guys; sounds like its a pretty reliable sort of bike then. By the way, the fork action felt really heavy just sitting on it and bouncing the thing (Way heavier than my RMX) - I'm about 100kg so I would have expected anything I jumped on to be fairly soft and low in the stroke; any known issues with these forks or is it likely to just be wanting the oil changed perhaps? Thanks.
  4. TerryWilson

    98 Klx300

    Has anyone got any tips to look for on a used 98 KLX300? I have checked the normal things (bearings, frame etc) but I want to know if there is anything obvious that goes wrong with these engines? It starts ok; 2-3 kicks, does smoke a little on startup though. Clears up after it has started though. I have read that early models of these suffered from work kick start idler gears that was a side effect of having slightly mal-adjusted cam timing ex factory that was cleared up by fitting later model exhaust cams? Is this on the money and is there any obvious sign of the kick start idler being worn? What are the service intervals like for doing the valves etc on one of these?