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  1. northy250

    KLX250 Gutless

    hey john i just wanted to ask how much the dynojet kit and staintune was and if the staintune is a full system
  2. northy250

    should i buy a klx250

    thanks allot john
  3. northy250

    should i buy a klx250

    hey everybody i come from down under i weight 50kilos (110 pound) and am 174cm tall and can get a 2003 klx250 with 1000km for $5000 au at the moment im rideing a 89 ts250x. just wanted to know if there were any problems with the klx's and if the suspension would be ok for someone my size. i want a bike that not to higher maintence. is that a good bike for me?
  4. northy250

    Red Sticker Abolition?

    ha here in australia wo dont have ne of that crap cept in victoria