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  1. I'm not American, it's "recognise". Thanks.
  2. It's best to recognise when you're banging you head against a wall... I'm looking at you, Crypto and Spanky!
  3. I'm so confused by this argument... Crypto is correct, you'd have to have been dropped on your head to risk your dirt bike engine with silicone lube. He has provided the requisite evidence, not one of you is providing evidence to the contrary (beyond incidental "it works for me" (ThrustWasher), arguments). MotoTribology, I think you should run the silicon filter oil long term, just to show us that there are no ill effects! OP, look what you started!
  4. If there is a split I would like to see it listed as: 2T Motor 4T Motor Chassis and Electrical That means we can all benefit from the information on the shared chassis and it's easier to reference specific 2t/4t engine information
  5. Well, I guess that's a resounding no!
  6. Hey guys, Sorry to dig up an extremely old thread... Can anyone confirm if a 2012 onwards header from the KX450F will fit an 08 KLX450R? Every thread I find is pre 2010 era and I'm not sure if the header remained the same past that year... Cheers! Jimbo
  7. Thanks for the detailed post Cameron, I greatly appreciate the effort! I'm fairly handy on the tools but the breakdown with tips is effort beyond what I was expecting and should help a few people out... I know others have been caught out trying to remove the front bolt past the peg. I guess the only photos I could find previously must have been of prototypes or something, you've put my mind to rest You say you have them in stock, if it's not against forum rules do you have a link I can purchase through (or PM)? Gibnut, that's a cool solution, the Obie was the other option I was looking at, but like you I was put off by the price landed in Aus for a piece of plastic. I'm pretty happy with the stock plate, the main reason I want the link guard is the few times I've been hung up on the linkage catches me right in the mechanical sympathy... And one time in the nuts It's nice to see a few different options showing up, I always wondered why no one thought to integrate a piece of nylon into the skid too (ala Fastway's latest iteration). The machining on the Fastway piece is droolworthy, but it's going under my bike so I can't really justify the hike in price given the Propower piece serves the same function and is quite pretty itself.
  8. Thanks for the reply and pics, the part certainly looks the goods on the bike. Any chance you could get some photos of the seal that protects the bearings? The only photos I can find show a simple flat seal rather than an oil seal similar to stock or what is fitted to the Fastway piece. If it's a simple flat seal, can you confirm if the stock Beta seals can be fitted in it's place? Cheers! Jim
  9. http://propowerinternational.com/x-link-shock-guard/x-link - This looks to be very similar to the Fastway guard minus the adjustability... I can't find any reviews, is anyone game to take the plunge?
  10. As promised, here's a photo of my kick starter just touching the base of the tank. I tried rotating it forwards by one spline and it touches the pipe, I'm guessing that's why the file comes out! I presume it's ok for some and not others due to the alignment of the teeth on the internal mechanism, I'm way too lazy to pull it down and it's barely fouling so I think the 2 second file job will have to do.
  11. If it's rotated forwards far enough it touches the back of the tank. I'll snap you a closer photo when I'm back at home (currently interstate), mine just touches and I've not yet bothered rotating it backwards. Actually, on the 2014 onward it can touch the bottom of the tank, maybe it needs to rotate forwards... Didn't have my bike handy to reference, as I said though, I'll snap a photo
  12. Wouldn't it be easier to just rotate the kick start lever back by one spline?
  13. Any update on this?
  14. Thanks for all the info in this thread... I just installed a map switch on my 300RR
  15. Hi Charrz, Try partzlila.com (you'll need to select the '92 model but they are all the same), that's where I picked up mine. Best of luck Got a thread going?