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  1. kentj

    Sunset Ridge Track Rentals?

    I rented there twice last year......he cut us a big break the second time because his well was dry and he couldnt water......I have bob's cell phone but I wont post it PM me if somebody is seious about track rental.
  2. kentj

    Bike history

    1972 ct70 used 1974 xr75 w/ hooker down pipe (cool) 1980? kx80 whatever year had the single shock rear 1982 rm125 DG model 1985 xr500 1989 xr600 1995 ktm620sx (this bike hurt me more than any of the others, probably did 90mph across a disced field with that thing....fast but heavy. faster in a drag than my buddies brand new yz400! 2002 crf450 with many mods maybe an 06 crf this year !!
  3. kentj

    scam or not?

    Scam for sure........happened to me as well......I even talked to the secret service about it. It is usually a network of people. They dont even want the bike , they want to pass a bogus check through your bank. I had a guy send me a cashiers check from a bank in Texas, my bank cleared the check (this is how good some of these checks are). The person on the other end kept saying he wanted to wire the money back because his wife had developed medical problems. It sounded like a scam and it was a scam. I held the check for about six days in my bank and sure enough my banks main branch called and said the check was bogus.......even though my local bank cleared it. BEWARE!!!!!! these are professional thieves and they are good at what they do. They prey on sales sites like thumpertalk because it is not as complicated as e-bay. They are looking for people that really need the money and jump at a deal that sounds too good to be true. After my experience I will only take cash or some kind of wire transfer so I am protected if something goes sour. This kind of stuff doesn't just happen to dirt bikers........
  4. kentj

    Removing bling

    I have an 02 450 that has been tricked over the years......I want to get an 05 or an 06 450... What parts cross over? I have an oversize front rotor and Fastway footpegs on the 02. If I put the stock pegs and rotor back on the 02 I dont think it will reduce the sale price. Will the rotor/caliper bracket and the footpegs fit the 05 or 06? If they wont, I will just leave them on.
  5. kentj

    Car wash nazi

    I told him that I would tell everyone that I knew not to come there so that is what I am doing.
  6. kentj

    Car wash nazi

    We came up with many scenarios like that........I just didnt want the cops to show up. We had a great day and I wasn't about to let this guy bring me down. There were some guys with KTMs leaving as we were coming in.
  7. kentj

    Car wash nazi

    Went to Buffalo Range yesterday.....rained on and off almost all day. It was light enough rain that you could still ride. Great time , rode the big track and the sand track was in great shape . Bikes are pretty dirty so we pull into the powerwash right in Ottawa as you come down the hill (near the Lamplighter). Washing off the bikes, boots, etc. The irate owner shows up and starts bitching at us for getting his place all dirty etc. We said we would blast off the floor when we were done, nicely. This guy wouldn't quit complaining about dirt bikers washing their stuff etc. He was a real jerk . I said to him "who else is going to come to your powerwash on a rainy day except people like us?" He said he didn't want "our" money. As a small business owner myself and with the economy in Ottawa not excactly thriveing, I would welcome the large amount of business that washing dirt bikes would provide. Anyway this Billybobjoejack really ticked me off and was yelling at us right in front of my kid and my buddies kid. Guys , dont go there.......its the one right across from Gays (hmmm) body shop.
  8. kentj

    too tall

    We are installing those now..... still the distance between the top of the seat and the footpeg in not enough for some one with long legs. We are looking into some auto uphousltry (?) shop angle to somehow get a taller seat.
  9. kentj

    too tall

    Does anyone make higher seat foam or lowered footpegs for the 06 250f?
  10. kentj

    BR on Saturday April 1st.... Who's in????

    We will be there on Sat. two 06 kx250f, one crf450 #29 black suburban and white 4 door chevy truck. I would love to go in the woods with you guys but I am bringing my son (8) and my buddy is too so we really can't leave the track area. We will hopefully be riding both of the mx tracks . Maybe another time we cane bring enough in our group so someone can stay and watch the kiddies. They have to learn to ride too!
  11. kentj

    Email I got from Buffalo Range (KTM dealership)

    Directional trails would be nice or color coded ( on the trees) I lost count on how many times I have almost had a head on in the woods out there. I have also run into people that are hopelessly lost. When I think about it most of the trails are not even on br's property .......so there goes the trail marking idea. It would not take more than a day and a pack full of different color paint marking cans to mark the trails......like they mark some mountain bike trails. I like br because you can ride mx and the woods in one visit.
  12. kentj


    Just an update ........I did not go cause of the iffy weather.........went downtown watch them dye the river and dyed my liver green. Some friends did go, two guys on brand new kxf250s and a guy on a yz450.....they said they had a good time. It was such a nice day I wish I would have gone.
  13. kentj


    Wondering what the sand pit at BR would be like on sat. I have an itch that I cant scratch and Waterman doesnt do it for me........
  14. kentj

    Joliet possible open this weekend!!!

    too much frost in the ground
  15. kentj

    Walnut Feb 26th open ride

    If mother nature cooperates we will be there...........you guys are pretty optomistic, with all the rain today and the below freezing temps for most of the week the ground will freeze like a rock so I would say its not going to happen. moisture in the ground and sub freezing temps dont make for sunset ridge to be open.........we will see.